Pekka Rantala to take over as CEO of Rovio

Mikael Hed stepping down as the CEO of Rovio

In a press release sent out last Friday, Rovio announced that Mikael Hed will step down as the CEO in 2015 after five years on the post, and that Pekka Rantala will succeed him as the leader of the feathery Finnish empire.


By January 1, 2015, Mikael Hed will be repositioned from the role as CEO of Rovio, to Chairman of Rovio Animation Studios, which is one of the many branches outside of mobile games, where the company has experimented. At the Animation Studio, Held will oversee animation and movies. In addition, he has also been nominated for a position in the Board of Directors at Rovio.


A transition process to introduce Rantala to the role of a Rovio CEO has already been initiated, the company announces. And it is not as if Rantala is an unfamiliar face in Finland either, having previously worked his way up to become Senior Vice President of marketing at Nokia, he has certainly proved his worth. Pekka Rantala initially started working at Rovio as the Commercial Officer three  months ago.

“It has been an amazing ride and in the coming months I will be very happy to pass the hoodie to Pekka Rantala, who will take Rovio to the next level,” Mikael Hed said.


Rovio and Angry Birds logoThe official press release made no mention as to why Hed is stepping down as CEO. That being said, recent financial results point toward some sort of need for a professional outsider to aid the company, with only €26.9 million in net profit in 2013, compared to €55.5 million in 2012.

On the bright side, however, Rovio created 300 extra jobs in the same period, from 2012 to 2013, and has its first full length animated film due in 2016.


What are your thoughts on Hed Pekka Rantala taking over as the CEO of Rovio? And do you think it is wise for Rovio to continue expanding its reach into other non-gaming related areas such as merchandise and films?  Continue the discussion below.

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