Alt Ctrl Game Jam Wants to Experiment With Controls

The Alt Ctrl Game Jam takes place in Aarhus

It seems today that there is a game jam for every type of developer, and if you are into alternative controllers, Alt Ctrl Game Jam might be just the thing you have been waiting for.


The Alt Ctrl Game Jam is an online game jam running throughout September 12th – 22th. The main purpose of the jam is to experiment with the use of alternative controllers, as “developers all too often limit themselves to the most standard and common controls”, according to the Alt Ctrl Game Jam website.

While you have 10 days to finish your game and make an awesome controller, three real world 48-hour gatherings will be organized as well. These gatherings will take place between September 12th-14th, and will be coordinated much like ordinary game jams. The real world gatherings are located at Skopje – Macedonia, Aarhus – Denmark,  and Melbourne.



The MakeyMakey kit is one of the prizes given out to the winners.

There are some lucrative prizes at stake for the winner of the Alt Ctrl Game Jam – especially if you fancy Unity. The 1st place will receive a MakeyMakey kit, a copy of UNIDUINO pro, and a one year subscription of Unity. The 2nd place can look forward to a MakeyMakey kit and a free copy of UNIDUINO pro, whereas the 3rd place will have to do with a free copy of the UNIDUINO pro plugin for Unity.


Much like at Ludum Dare, the participants themselves will be the judges at the Alt Ctrl Game Jam. In fact, you must vote on other people’s games for your own submission to reach the top of the voting list.


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John Polson, one of the organizers of the Alt Ctrl Game Jam, and a game scout at, believes that thinking in new ways and using alternative controllers can change the type of games that are created, and even open up the world of gaming to a whole new audience:

“People who are put off by a controller or keyboard with tons of buttons and arrows have probably steered away from games for decades. Thanks to things like Nintendo’s Wii controller, a huge audience of new gamers emerged with a return of old. Other inventions like the GamePad, Kinect, and Move have been less fortunate, but it is through successes and failures that we learn what new ways to play can work.

As we enter this new era of Virtual and Augmented Reality, I think we’ll start to see more alt.ctrls pop up to help us interact with games in new ways, too. In the end, I think celebrating and advancing video games shouldn’t be just about what we play, but how we play.”


Dajana Dimovska, chair at Copenhagen Games Collective, CEO at Knapnok Games, and co-organizer of the Alt Ctrl Game Jam, agrees with John, and adds that:

“Making games that go beyond using common controls (keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick) is not only producing original game experiences, but also giving us a new perspective of how we interact with games and each other when playing them.”


Sune Thorsen

Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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