Early Bird Discount for BeatCon Music and Games Festival

Most events in the games industry are either talks, conferences, or consumer-oriented expos. But the team at BeatMuse in Finland decided that as of January 2015, the Nordic games industry should have an annual combined Music and Games festival to focus on music in games as well.


The BeatCon music and games festival will take place for the very first time from January 29-31, 2015 in Jyväskylä, Finland. When asked why the Nordic games industry needed such an event, BeatMuse CEO, Patty Toledo, explained that, quite simply “We want to revolutionize how games and music business work. Why separate? Why make it hard for them to work together? We want to make an event that shows the best of both worlds and make development and cooperation easier.”

While 2015 marks the first year running for the young event, the organizers at BeatMuse are expecting a huge audience of 1200 people from the games industry, as well as 7000 people from the music industry each day. And yes, game developers and studios attending the event will be able to buy traditional expo booths to showcase their games during the event, Patty Toledo ensured NordicGameBits.

“The companies with booths at the event will be able to show their products to all 7000 people. It is a one of a kind opportunity for Indie Developers.”


The 3 day event will consists of both a music festival and a games conference. The festival will feature more than 19 bands from 3 different continents, and during the games conference, speakers from BoomLagoon, PlayRaven, Fingersoft, GamesFounders, Housemarque and more will take the scene to talk about the games industry and music in games.

“Some of the confirmed speakers are from BoomLagoon, PlayRaven, Karmaflow, Fingersoft, GameFounders, Housemarque, Ari Pulkkinen, and we are under negotiation with Unity, Microsoft, SuperCell, GrandCru, Next Games, King, Blizzard, NYU, Universal, Sony and Warner records and many others.“


Apart from traditional conference speeches, the event will also feature lectures and workshops along with master classes on game development for both beginners and those already in the industry. “The program includes e.g. representatives from Microsoft, a workshop by Jyväskylä’s Game Business Co-operative Expa, and a workshop by award winning game music composer Ari Pulkkinen.”, says Patty Toledo.


The early bird prices for the conference are €40 for students and €50 for Startups/individuals, while the early bird prices for a full access pass to both the conference and the 3 days of music festival are €150 for students and €180 for Startups/individuals. You can check out all the different prices and early bird discounts at the official BeatCon web store.


Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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