Finnish SmallGiantGames Raises $3.1 Million

The Finnish games company Small Giant Games closed $3.1 investment round last week for their new game, Oddwings Escape.

Small Giant Games is a developer focusing on creating innovative mobile games. In fact, one of their key goals is to: “(…)raise the quality of character animations in mobile games to a new level(…)”, as chief executive office, Timo Soininen, states in a recent press release. The company believes that if you are going to succeed on the crowded mobile market, you need to stand out: “you need to create new and unparalleled game features and experiences, which shape the existing genres and create entirely new ones,” Soininen explains.

This seems to make a lot of sense in a highly competitive market where more than 270.000 games are fighting for the customer’s attention, and a fresh game with new features is therefore exactly what Small Giant Games aims to create with  Oddwings escape. It is a “new type of flying game”. A game that uses a simple control scheme based around a one-touch control mechanic and which brings cutting edge physics-enhanced character animations to the iPad scene.


SmallGiantGames caught a lot of attention with Oddwings Escape from various investors, such as: PROfounders, Spintop ventures, and Capital A Partners. It also caught the attention of a couple of private investors like AltEgo´s Gregory Milken and ex-F-Secure founder Risto Siilasmaa.

Daniel Blomquist, adviser at Creandum

The majority of the money, however, came from Creandum, a company focusing primarily on Nordic companies. Daniel Blomquist, an adviser from Creandum, explains that what they look for are ” (…) teams that both can build hit-potential games and have the potential to build a significant game company.”. For Creandum, SmallGiantGames’ Oddwings Escape was especially interesting since “Oddwings Escape is a beautiful and original game that really pushes the boundaries for casual games with a very high production value while still being really accessible.”, Blomquist explains to NordicGameBits. In addition, Creandum hopes and believes that Oddwings Escape has a lot of potential in more than just the western market:

The characters resonates well in both Western and Asian markets, which is quite unusual(…)” Blomquist explains.


For Creandum, the investment in Oddwings Escape marks their third bet on the games industry in 5 years, and it is very clear that Creandum sees Oddwings Escape as much more than just another Angry Birds clone. “Creandum has evaluated several hundred game developers the last 5 years and has made three investments since 2012 including Small Giant Games” Blomquist explains, making Oddwings Escape one of the lucky few.

We think Oddwings Escape can do really well in both Western and Asian markets and will be a game that many gamers will take to their hearts as being unique, fun and engaging!”


Small Giant Games is aiming for an early 2015 release.



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