Nordic Developers Unite Against Ebola

Games Against Ebola Humble Bundle

9 Nordic game development teams from studios such as Mojang, Ludosity, Glitchnap and Coffee Stain Studios participate in a game jam hosted by HumbleBundle with the goal of beating Ebola.

Ebola is a virus to be taken seriously, but that does not mean that you can’t have fun while gathering money to decrease the amount of people affected by the virus. That’s what 9 teams from the Nordic region thought when they decided to participate in a 4 days game jam ending this Sunday.

The game jam is hosted by Humble Bundle, which as always means that you can pay what you want to receive DRM-free versions of all the games developed during the game jam.

All of the money generated by selling the game jam games bundle goes directly to the DirectRelief foundation, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergency situations, by mobilizing and providing essential medical resources needed for their care.


While the bundles are being sold on HumbleBundle, all of the teams have livestreams running on Twitch, showcasing the entire game jam process for everyone to see. The streams have already generated hundreds of thousands of views, and the HumbleBundle has generated over 4600 sales as of this writing.

The “pay what you want for a bunch of DRM-free games”-strategy has so far worked very well for Humble Bundle, which have helped sell more than 16 million games bundles and generated close to $100 million in total payments in only 4 years.

The entire list of studios participating in the game jam includes: Mojang, Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Coffee Stain Studio, Glitchnap, and SLMN.

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For Ludosity, who is one of the studios currently jamming away, getting involved with the game jam wasn’t that tough of a decision to make. For one, the jam supports a great cause, but secondly it is also just plain and simple fun to participate in game jams, Joel from Ludosity explains, “I think the cause is great. But it’s also fun to do these things once in a while.”.

Case in point, “Our project manager freaked out over lost time, but I tried to convince her that we’re going to be more energized afterwards to make up for it. Totally not true though, you’re knackered afterwards! =).”



Sune Thorsen

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