Housemarque’s Resogun landing on PS3 and PS Vita

Last year’s best Nordic game, according to the Nordic Game Awards, is now coming to PS3 and PS Vita on December 23rd.

Last year, Finnish veterans Housemarque managed to please both game reviewers, PlayStation 4-owners, and the jury behind the Nordic Game Awards. Their fast-paced voxel-based spaceship-shooter Resogun ended up as one of the most successful launch titles for Sonys Playstation 4, as the new console hit the market late last year, with both great critical reception, and the title of Game of the Year at the Nordic Game Awards.

Now, a little more than a year later
, Sony is ready to let Resogun loose on two more of their platforms. Last-gen mainstay Playstation 3, and their latest handheld offer, Playstation Vita. However, it’s not Housemarque themselves that have been doing the actual porting. That duty has been handed over to the British developer Climax, who have had the responsibility of porting the hectic experience over to the two new platforms, while losing as little as possible of the original game’s features. 
A logical choice, since Climax has already worked with Housemarque on some of the expansions for the original PS4 version of the game.

Moving to less powerful
hardware has had it’s consequences though. Most notably that the smooth 60 frames per second of the original has become a little less smooth on the new platforms, as the framerate has been locked at 30 FPS. 
Both of the new versions of Resogun games are Cross-Buy. So if you already own Resogun on PS4, you can download the upcoming PS3 and PS Vita versions for free.

Both of the new versions of Resogun is scheduled for launch December 23rd at a price of $14.99. Along with the launch of the new versions, an expansion for the original PS4 version of the game is also set to go live around the same time.

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