Danish Game Support Program Funds 3 New Games

The first recipients of this round of game development support from the Danish Game Support Program have just been announced.

The Danish Film Institute has just revealed which game productions have received funding support from the National Game Support Program. This funding round also features the largest amount handed out to a single project, with over 1,25 million dkkr. (€170k) awarded to Cape Copenhagen’s Child. Here are all the recipients of project development support.



Genre: Stealth / Exploration adventure
Platform: Console + PC/Mac
Developer: Cape Copenhagen ApS
Amount: DKK 1 246 000 (€170k)

Child represents the larges single grant ever handed out by the game support program. The grant is awarded to a game about a brother and a sister fleeing a fictional war not unlike the Second World War. The player controls the 6 years old younger sister, while the AI handles the older borther. Judging from the single image, that has been released, the game features a stark black and white aesthetic.


Tales From the Void

Genre: Real-time-tactics space game
Platform: PC/Mac, Wii U
Developer: Portaplay ApS
Amount: DKK 504 000 (€68k)

Inspired by early examples of science fiction, Tales From the Void is a real-time tactics game, where the player has to survive on hostile planets and asteroids. In true Jules Verne fashion, the player is travelling in a converted submarine, an is wearing diving suits and using spearguns in space.  The developer, Portaplay, has released a small video of the project.



Genre: Graphic action adventure
Platform: PC/Mac/Linux
Developer: Zaxis ApS
Amount: DKK 485 000 (€65k)

Last on the list of recipients of project development funding is Fimbul. An episodic game built on Norse mythology and the Icelandic sagas. The game consists of three different elements. The exploration of a mythological Nordic landscape, narrative elements told through an interactive comic book format, and finally epic battles with huge giants, many times larger than the player. The game is intended as an episodic production.


In addition to the development support, the program is also to hand out smaller grants for idea development support. These grants however have not yet been announced.


This is also the last round of funding handed out under the current film agreement. For the the next round, spring 2015, the support will be handed out according to the new agreement, that was passed this fall. This agreement incorporated a number of changes to the types of support than can be awarded as well as a solid increase in the funds being distributed to developers.

However, the Danish Film Institute has told Nordic Game Bits, that the first round of funding under the new agreement will still be run under the old rules, but with the increased budget announced in the agreement available. With the many changes in the types of funding, as well as the establishment of a specific gaming office within the institute, they expect it will be some time, before the guidelines for support, based on the new film agreement will be finalized.

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