Plenty of Nordic flavor at Upcoming Pocketgamer Connects

Several leading figures from the Nordic Games Industry as well as companies seeking funding are set to attend Pocketgamer Connects when it kicks of on January 13th.

Exactly one month from now, leading figures from the mobile games business will all be assembled in London for one of the biggest conferences focusing on mobile gaming: Pocketgamer Connects London. And the Nordic games industry is going to be a part of it too.

With an explosive growth in both Finland and Sweden, the yearly turnover for the entire Nordic region is approaching 2 billion Euros, and recent superstars like Supercell, King, and Mojang have done their part to underline that the success of Angry Birds was not a coincidence.


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The upcoming Pocketgamer Connects conference is not blind to this. Especially Finland is going to find itself in the spotlight this year as the rest of the mobile games industry attending the conference will be curious to hear just exactly how the Finns managed to pull off such an incredible growth. The conference features 7 different tracks, and according to George Osborn, Events Editor at Steel Media, Finland will be a reoccurring theme in the GameEdu and Investment tracks.

We will be bringing Finnish academics, trade body representatives and developers to the conference to share their experiences of the industry

Apart from the GameEdu and Investment tracks, Pocketgamer Connects features East Meets West (a guide to publishing games across the world), The Indie Survival Guide, Acquire – Engage – Monetise, Best of British, and Bonus Level tracks.


The conference features 100 speakers from across the globe, covering all the corners of the mobile games industry. But we did you a favor and have already picked out a list of the Nordic speakers featured at the conference. The rest of the speaker list can be found here.

Among the keynote speakers at the conference is King‘s Tommy Palm. He has been one of the key figures in the company’s process to move from social platforms into the mobile units, that have made Candy Crush a household name on almost any smartphone, no matter where in the world it is used.

Also on the roster for the conference is Oscar Clark, evangelist for the mobile video capture and streaming service Everplay, which was recently acquired by Unity. He will be part of the Indie Survival Guide at the conference, which aims to teach young indie developers how to survive in the mobile economy.

Rovio and PlayHaven veteran Ville Heijari is today Head of Supply for video-on-mobile provider Vungle, and he will also be present at the conference in the session Monetisation Trends to Watch Out For in 2015.

Another Finn on the program is legal expert Hannu Partanen,  digital entertainment and technology lawyer at Fondia, a law firm based in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Also on the program is Juho Pääkkönen, responsible for Developer Relations & Quality Management in the home nest of the Angry Birds at Rovio. He will be taking part in the so-called Battle Panel with the title Soul or Survival – Creative vs Business in the Mobile World.

Finally, a lone Dane have also snuck in between the Finns and Swedes. CEO of Danish game developer Tactile Entertainment, Asbjoern Malte Søndergaard, is part of the panel Guerrilla Warfare – Fighting Back the Smart Way.


But the Nordics are not only featured as speakers. “As for the Investment track, we’ll have ten Finnish gaming companies pitching to 50 investors over the course of the afternoon of Day 1 for the chance of getting funding,” Osborn tells Nordic Game Bits. Precisely who they are, remains a secret so far however.

Nordic Game Bits is official Media Partner of the Pocketgamer Connects London conference, so you can expect to hear a lot more about the conference and the experiences shared from the sessions as we reach January.


Pocket Gamer Connects London takes place at  Vinopolis London, UK, 13th – 14th January 2015. For more information, including registration and full program go here. Or click here to get a 25% discount on your tickets! 

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