Playwood’s Wartile Wins Pitch of the Year

Playwood’s miniature inspired turn based game Wartile took home the title of Pitch of the Year at the latest Growing Games workshop.

All throughout the year, upcoming Danish game developers have been attending the series of Growing Games-events run by Interactive Denmark. A series of workshops where veterans from both the local and international games industry have been sharing their knowledge and experience with all the new startups, to help them get the best possible start in the business.

Photo: Karina Rashwan / The Danish Film Institute

A big part of these workshops has been to teach upcoming developers how to pitch their game to investors and publishers. At each and every Growing Games workshop brave people have tried out their pitches in front of a professional panel with the goal of receiving detailed feedback that can help the developers get their pitches as sharp as possible, before having to try and convince a real investor.

Last week, the last of this year’s Growing Games workshop took place at The Film House in Copenhagen. And for the final edition of Growing Games, the pitching itself was at the center. The whole day was about the fine art of pitching, and at the end of the day a panel of pitching experts would award the Best pitch of the Year to the developer who did the best presentation of the day.


At the end of the day, it was the presentation for the turn-based tactical fantasy combat game Wartile from the newly founded developer Playwood Games, that was pointed out as having the best presentation of the 8 finalists. The Jury emphasized that the pitch was very clear in addressing the target group of the game, was very convincing regarding the capabilities of the team behind the game, and presented a a clear direction ahead for the game.

Playwood’s Michael Rud Jakobsen

And the confirmation of their pitching skills comes at just the right time, Playwood CEO Michael Rud Jakobsen tells Nordic Game Bits.

Right now we are super busy building the game, but we still thought the competition would be a really good opportunity to ‘sharpen’ our presentation. Especially since we’re going to be pitching to investors and publishers from January

Jakobsens pitching skills should also be in pretty good shape, since he admits to having attended almost all of the Growing Games workshops this year, and having test-pitched Wartile on a couple of occasions at the workshops.


Along with the honor of being elected as “Best pitch of the year”, Playwood Games will also receive 10 000 dkkr. “The obvious choice would be to use the money to go to Game Connection in San Francisco in March,” Jakobsen says. “But as we are right now also looking for an investor and a publisher, it also depends a bit on, what opportunities will pop up between now and March. Because that might require a visit abroad as well.”

Photo: Karina Rashwan / The Danish Film Institute

Made up of 3 veterans with experience from AAA developers IO Interactive and DontNod Entertainment, the Playwood Games team have only been working on the game since April this year. And if things work out, Playwood expects to release an early version of Wartile on Steam Early Access sometime in April, featuring a couple of single player scenarios and multiplayer functionality. And from that point on, they expect to spend around eight months on developing the game up to the full release version.


Be sure to check in to Nordic Game Bits next week, where we have collected the best pitching tips from the jury at the pitching competition.

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