Double Nordic Debut on Steam

Norwegian Catmouth Island and Danish Shrug Island both had great Steam-related news to share during the Christmas vacation.

Even while most people have been away on vacation, things have been happening in the Nordic games scene. In the time between Christmas and New Years Eve, two games from Denmark and Norway have had good news to share about their debut on the leading digital distribution platform, Steam.


First up is the Norwegian episodic adventure game, Catmouth Island, from the three man outfit Colonthree Enterprises. They managed to squeeze in their release at the latest possible moment for it still to be a 2014 game, as they went live with the first episode on Steam on the 31st of December.

The game was actually released earlier in 2014 on various indie-friendly distribution channels, most important of these probably being Desura. But through Steam’s Greenlight system, Colonthree was able to secure a Steam release as well – on the last day of last year.


The game itself is a traditional point-and-click adventure, albeit in 3d, and in a blocky cartoony style, not unlike titles like Stikbold!. And boasting over 60 NPCs with over 2,000 lines of dialogue, it seems like a pretty decent offer at the current price of €4,5 on Steam.

In the game, the player controls the student Mya, who lives in a nice house in Meow Village on Catmouth Island. And it’s then up to the player to solve the mysteries of the island, while also keeping up to speed in the studies and homework.


Another Nordic title that had some good news to share was also an adventure game. The Kickstarter-founded 2D musical puzzle adventure, Shrug Island, from the small (or should we say tiny?) Danish developer, Tiny Red Camel, also crossed the Greenlight barrier just after Christmas, and is now ready for a Steam-release, when the game is done, which the developers expects will happen sometime in 2015 for the first episode.

Alina Constantin and Michael G. Rose – the two man team behind Shrug Island

Shrug Island also has a bit of additional Nordic flavor, since the Swedish indie wunderkind Niklas Nygren, also known as Nifflas, helped build the original prototype for Shrug Island. A prototype that can still be downloaded from the original Kickstarter page, along with the award-winning animation film that the game is based upon.


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