GoKinema Opens its Doors to Game Developers

Sweden’s annual expo for film technology is opening its doors to game developers for the first time ever this year.

The event is held at Gothenburg Film Studios in Sweden with a primary focus on developing the skills of film artisans from all over the world by showcasing cutting edge film technology. But this year, GoKinema is also opening its doors to businesses within visualization and interactive media for the first time in its five years of existence.

The event takes place over five days, from the 20th of January to the 25th. During these five days there will be a wide variety of activities, workshops and showcases. Among other things, the 23-25th of January features “GAMERella & Global Game Jam”, a game jam focusing on diversity in games culture.

On the 23-24th, the gamemakers meet up at Gothgames is a panel for game creators by game creators, where they will be sharing their experiences – both the successes and failures.


GoKinema decided to include games as part of the expo because of the recent growth and importance of the Swedish games industry. Businesses within the Swedish games industry employ an average of 14 people each, and with a total turnover of over 414 million euros, the industry certainly cannot be easily ignored.

GoKinema therefore also sees the importance of supporting the games industry. The goal of the event is to connect game developers and creative people to strengthen their networks and chance of success in a very competitive market.

Tickets for the event cost only SEK 89 for a standard ticket and SEK 50 if you are are a student, and they can be bought here.



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