Bugbyte’s Battlestation Greenlit and Returns to Kickstarter in 2015

Last week, Battlestation: Humanity’s last hope by Finnish studio, Bugbyte, got Greenlit on Steam, and the game will find its way to a second Kickstarter round in early 2015.

Finnish Game Developer Aksel Junkkila and his studio, Bugbyte, launched their first Kickstarter campaign for the studio’s space station simulation roguelike-like strategy game, Battlestation: Humanity’s last hope, back in October 2014. After receiving online $13,180 out of the $40,000 goal, the campaign was cancelled by the studio as the goal could not be reached within the time frame.


TrailerShotWhen the first campaign launched, the only playable version of the game was a mobile mini-game, but with the PC version getting Greenlit by Steam last week, Bugbyte hopes to attract even more attention to its next Kickstarter campaign for the game.

“Visibility is the key to success, combined with a good game of course. We didn’t succeed in getting enough visibility the first time.”, Aksel Junkkila explains to Nordic Game Bits.

Bugbyte believes that visibility will be less of an issue this time, however, as the statistics from the last Kickstarter campaign were very promising despite the campaign never reaching its goal.

“We got 13 000 views on our last Kickstarter video, which amounted to $13 000 in backer money. I find this promising. I don’t think it is entirely impossible to get 100 000 – 200 000 views on a video if we can really get some good visibility going on.”, Aksel Junkkila says.


In his analysis of successful and failed Kickstarter campaigns, Aksel Junkkila found that people respond better when there is a playable demo for them to try out, which is why focus has been on developing a PC demo this time. In addition, however, Aksel also points out that getting Greenlit by Steam will most likely help outside of Kickstarter as well.

BattlestationCoreTeam“Most of all this will probably help us in trying to find some funding from investors, since we can now say the game has already been greenlit and will be released on Steam.”

The conclusions from Aksel’s analysis of Kickstarter campaigns ended up in a Kickstarter guide, which you can find here.


Getting through Steam Greenlight took 91 days for Battlestation, but what is interesting is that the game was not even in the top 100 of games waiting to get Greenlit when it suddenly had passed through.

According to Aksel Junkkila, this indicates that someone from Steam must have simply stumbled upon the game and liked what he or she saw.

“There is all kinds of cheating going on with Greenlight votes, we were offered “fake” votes as well but we never took them. So this is why I find it good that the votes are not everything, just a means to separate the potential ones from non-potentials.”, he says.

Below, you will find the statistics from Battlestation’s time on Steam Greenlight, graciously shared by Aksel Junkkila. As evident from the statistics, it seems that Aksel has a point about getting picked by Steam staff, as Battlestation received way less unique visitors and votes than the average of the TOP 50 games.




Bugbyte was founded back in 2012 by the two brothers, Aksel and Allan Junkkila. None of them had developed games before, but passion can take you a long way, and despite never having worked with graphics, Aksel started drawing while his brother did the coding.

Shortly after the release of the studio’s first game, however, a third wheel was added to the company in the form of proficient graphics designer, Matti Vanhala, and Aksel changed focus to primarily working on business and marketing. Currently, the studio also employs a range of freelancers as well as a single intern.

You can support Bugbyte already by participating in their Thunderclap, which will help promote the new Kickstarter campaign once it is ready. 



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