Lionbite Reveals new Project: Rain of Reflections

The first results of Swedish developer Lionbites’ strength through a diversified team is showing, as they release the first details about their upcoming cyperpunk-noir RPG Rain of Reflections.


Just a couple of months ago, Nordic Game Bits spoke with then newly founded Lionbite about how they believed team diversity could be a key strength in a game development studio. And now, it seems like Lionbite has been able to utilize than strength, as they are now ready to announce the first game from the small Stockholm-based developer.

Rain of Reflections is the name of the studio’s upcoming creation. It’s a cyperpunk noir RPG, looking like it’s drawing inspiration from titles such as Deus Ex, Shadowrun and of course Blade Runner, and judging from the small snippets of what looks like gameplay footage in the accompanying announcement trailer, it looks like we can expect some XCOM-like turn based combat on top.


However, Lionbite is promising to avoid typical genre tropes in the game. They are directly stating that they want to “break RPG conventions by avoiding typical genre mechanics to focus on the very essence.”

The game will constantly move forward, without fillers, repetitive battles or monotonous grinding.

In addition to that, Lionbite also promises an RPG experience free of grind, and with several options to resolve conflict, without it necessarily ending in a firefight.


Rain of Reflections is being developed in the Unity game engine for PC, with additional platforms considered for a later release. No release date has been announced yet.

Jesper K. Kristiansen

Multi-passionate game developer and journalist. Has been writing about the Danish games industry for more than ten years, and creating audio design for both Danish and International games for almost as long.

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