Magnet Gaming Looks Towards Europe

The 2. largest online casino in Denmark,, expands to Europe, and beyond the North Sea in the UK, as Magnet Gaming.

Co-founder of, Mads Peter Veiby, and Head of Gaming Licences of Magnet Gaming, Thomas Nielsen, talks to NordicGameBits about some of their goals and overall ideas about the expansion. The team is in high spirit, and has no doubt that the challenges facing them can be dealt with head-on, taking their previous success from the past 3 years into account. One major part of the overseas expansion is the HTML5 portfolio of online games, which Thomas Nielsen is confident will be a key component in conquering UK online gaming.

“Specifically, we’ve built a portfolio of HTML5 casino games, which have performed really well in Denmark – Those are a major component of what we are taking with us from SpilNu into Magnet Gaming. “ – Says Thomas Nielsen


One of the things NordicGameBit wanted to know was if the Danish gaming/gambling mentality could simply be “translated” to the UK and Europe. Mads and Thomas seem confident about that, and they point out that even though Magnet Gaming is about winning real money, their true goal is to provide in-game depth and an overall entertaining past time, combined with a casual gaming approach.


19 ERHV SpilNu Tommy

Thomas Nielsen from Magnet Gaming.

“We’re gamers at heart, so we like to think we have a good understanding of how to marry casino mechanics with traditional game mechanics – That’s what has fueled our growth in Denmark, and we’re quite sure there is a gap in the UK market for our type of games as well. “ – Thomas Nielsen replied.



Something that Magnet Gaming believes sets them apart from most online casinos in the UK and Europe, is their bonus games. They use around 80 % or their development budget to develop bonus games to give their games another dimension of immersion, and excitement. A valuable experience the team learned in Denmark, where SpilNu has had those features a long time, and it has since proven to be an attractive part of their mechanics. That is why they are excited to take it with them abroad, as they believe it will be vital for their succes.

“The games we are now bringing to the UK (and other European markets) are pretty well known on the Danish market, so from a Danish perspective you could say it’s more of the same. For most people outside of Denmark, what we’re bringing is a very fresh approach to casino slots. “ – Says Thomas Nielsen.


Magnet Gaming has plans of partnering with several existing casino operators in Europe and the UK, and by merging with their already settled base of operation, they plan to attract new gamers by presenting their Danish model of casual gambling, making new rounds in already familiar circles. Thomas Nielsen explains this further, and says that most, if not all of Magnet Gaming’s resources will go to giving existing European and UK gamers a new and joy-full gaming experience.

“Our business model is to partner with various casino operators around Europe to offer our games in their local jurisdictions, so at the end of the day, our partners will be the ones responsible for attracting users. Our role will be to make a new type of games available to the casinos, and we think that the fact that a new type of games will be available is going to attract more of the casual players who haven’t previously enjoyed real-money casino games.” -States Thomas Nielsen.


Though Magnet Gaming is a Europe and UK affair, the team still calls Denmark home. The way they are branching out is by contacting potential partners and discuss a possible team-up, and they are not moving their base of operation any time soon.

19 ERHV SpilNu Mads 3

Mads Peter Veiby

“We’re not physically moving to the UK, but we’re obviously going to be spending more time outside of Denmark than we’ve previously done. Initially we’re happy to be talking to various potential partners in the UK to establish how attractive our portfolio is, and how we best work together with local partners. Our longer term goal is definitely capture a solid share of the casino slots market, and over time hopefully to become a major player in the casual casino games space.” – Thomas Nielsen says.


Current SpilNu fans should no worry, however, as Mads Peter Veiby states that he’s far from through with you. He says that even though Magnet Gaming is the foreign branch of Spilnu, and that a lot of his attention and efforts will go that way, he’s not going to leave SpilNu indefinitely.

“And we are far from finished with Magnet Gaming is in the same group and it’s our foreign branch.” – Mads Peter Veiby

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