Stormblades: The Next Subway Surfers?

Danish developer and publisher Kiloo reveals their newest game, the action-RPG Stormblades. But is it enough to follow up on the success of Subway Surfers?


Danish game developer and publisher Kiloo has now officially announced their newest game, Stormblades. A game that looks to be an ambitious on-rails RPG hack’n’slash in the vein of Infinity Blade with appropriately impressive visuals.

The new game signals yet another direction for the Danish developer, who seems to be trying out new genres and formats in their hunt for the next mobile hit.

The new game is co-developed with Canadian Emerald City Games. According to a post on the Danish forum for game developers,, they have been responsible for most of the ‘grunt’ work of creating the game world itself, while Kiloo has overseen general direction, finish, meta-game and marketing.


Kiloo’s best known succes is the huge mobile hit, Subway Surfers, that last year led to Kiloo being named “Growth company of the year” by the leading business newspaper Børsen. Subway Surfers however, was originally developed by SYBO games who later went into partnership with Kiloo

Despite the economic overwhelming success of Subway Surfers, SYBO has since then decided to develop future titles themselves, outside of the partnership with Kiloo. Thus, Kiloo is now required to find the followup to the Subway Surfers megahit themselves.


So far, Kiloo seems unwilling to follow in the footsteps of Subway Surfers, and instead released the manager-based beast-fighter Smash Champs, last year. And with Stormblades landing in the RPG-lite genre, they seem intent in finding success in other genres.

However, while Smash Champs was developed by Kiloo’s in-house team, with Stormblades, they adapted the same model of co-development that helped make Subway Surfers a worldwide hit with over 600M downloads to date.


SYBO’s Blades of Brim

Among investors there is also some doubt whether Kiloo has what it takes to become a new Rovio or Supercell. In a previous interview, Investement manager Nikolaj Nyholm from Sunstone Capital told Nordic Game Bits that he doubts Kiloo has the ability to follow up on the success of Subway Surfers themselves.

SYBO, on the other hand, has chosen to follow closer in the footsteps of their earlier success with their next game. A couple of gameplay videos have already surfaced of their next game, Blades of Brim, which has been soft launched in the App Store already. Here, one can observe a gameplay and graphical style much closer to Subway Surfers than any of Kiloos recent offerings.

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