Norwegian Developers Build a Game Collective

Norwegian game developers Bitsquad, Rain, Henchman and Goon, Goontech and Retrogene has started a game collective in Bergen.

Originally the idea of a game collective in Norway’s Bergen wasn´t much more than a conversation piece. But when Bitsquad “decided to move south from Narvik to Bergen.“, the thought became a reality: “We decided to move to Bergen due to the Game Makers Guild that have a strong foothold in Bergen. Once we were in Bergen, we were invited to one of the many Gamedev Beers (Lots of gamedevs gathering and socializing). We noticed that at almost every event there were talks about how fun it would be to gather the game-companies under one roof. Actually someone had tried it before with no success.” Krister Berntsen from Bitsquad explains.

Despite the prior lack of success, Bitsquad “joined 4 other companies and decided to try this again. Luckily we found a really cheap office that we also liked. From the day we found the offices, it took two days to assemble and found the Game Collective.”


A game collective isn´t without its benefits. Creating games is a demanding and creative process where input from the outside world can be valuable. Berntsen explains that “The biggest advantages in my opinion is the fact that we are now a more condensed gathering of expertise. Problems can be solved much faster due to the fact that we always have people with experience within any topic related to Gamedev.“.

Working in a collective is an easier way to manage the creative resources. Each company is less dependent on their own creative skills as they can get input and help from nearby companies, making them more effective. “We also have space for “In-Residence” mentors/artists/gamdevs to help us with topics we lack expertise in.” Berntsen explains.


The Bergen Game Collective is still new and so far only two of the 5 companies have moved in. But Berntsen has high hopes that they can “grow as a collective and help the Norwegian game-industry grow both on a national and international scale.“.


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