Chroma Studios Rebrands E: Click, Click, BOOM! to TWIST3D

In September 2014, Copenhagen-based Chroma Studios launched its first title, E: Click, Click, BOOM!. After only a few months on the app stores, however, the game has now been rebranded and re-launched as TWIST3D.

When the four-man team at Chroma Studios started working on E: Click, Click, BOOM! in 2013, the plan was to create a casual “match-3” puzzler centered around characters who live inside the internet. However, although the game received great reviews, the team soon realized that there was something missing from the game, Chroma Studios founder, Tim Shepherd says.

Image of the old game, E: Click, Click, BOOM!

“We loved the gameplay AND the characters, but felt there wasn’t enough synergy between the two elements to be as engaging as possible.”

After giving the game a fair chance at the app store, the team finally decided that the only proper solution would be to rebrand the game entirely. “We went back to the original prototype and began developing a feature set for a minimalist, stylish puzzler inspired by pixel art games and minimalist aesthetics like “Dots”, “Fez” and “Monument Valley””, Shepherd explains to Nordic Game Bits.


Completely changing the games’ art-style and brand took only a few months of work, and it was only possible to complete the new game within this time frame because of the fantastic effort of the entire team, Shepherd says.

“When we made the decision to focus on TWIST3D above all the other ideas floating around and in various stages of production, everything suddenly came together very quickly. The final sprint before release was hands-down the best games production experience of my career, both creatively and how much we accomplished.”

The change didn’t come without a few small bumps down the road, however. For example, just as many other developers have experienced, getting approved on the App Store can sometimes take longer than expected. “There were a few nail-biting moments though – like when we almost didn’t get the update approved with hours to go before launch! Launch day was set on my birthday, so instead of celebrating I spent the day frantically hitting F5 and praying to the approval gods. The app went live at 2am in the morning.”, Shepherd explains.


TWIST3D launched on February 26th, 2015, and after only a few days on the app stores, the game has already received overwhelmingly positive feedback, Shepherd says.

“We have 4.6 stars on the App Store and the reviews have been great from players and press.”.

While the star rating is great, the team has already identified a few areas within which the game needs to be improved, and they’ll be working on addressing those areas within the next couple of weeks. “We’ve identified a few areas which can be improved of course, but we are listening to the community and hope to address their suggestions in the next update.”, Shepherd explains.

TWIST3D is already in the TOP 11 of the App Store


Furthermore, since launch, TWIST3D has already been featured in over 100 countries, including the US, Canada and China, Shepherd says as he also hints that although the iOS version of the game will be supported for the immediate future, the team is also looking into the opportunity of releasing the game both on some obvious and not-so-obvious platforms.

“We’re very thrilled and excited to see how it does. We have been steadily climbing the charts over the weekend and are now up there in best games surrounded by big hitters like candy crush and 1010″


Check out the official trailer for TWIST3D below:


Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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