New Resource Site Launched: GameDev Norway

The Norwegian Game Makers Guild has just launched a new resource site, GameDev Norway, aimed at the people already in the Norwegian games industry, and everyone interested in knowing more about it.


Yes, things are really happening in the Norwegian corner of the Nordic games industry lately. And if the Norwegian Game Developers Guild have any say in the matter, things are going to stay that way. And with the launch of a brand new resource site for Norwegian developers, there is a good chance that game developers in Norway will be able to get even better in the future, with access to a whole new set of information and help.

The new resource site, GameDev Norway,  is an initiative founded and owned by The Game Developers Guild in Norway. The main force behind the site is Linn Søvig. She originally got involved in the Norwegian Game Developers Guild through their game development conference, Konsoll, which she helped organize.


She explains to Nordic Game Bits that the fundraising for both the Konsoll conference and the Norwegian Game Developers Guild began to make the Norwegian games industry noticed, and that this in turn created a demand for more.

We started noticing that our role as The Game Developers Guild in Norway was taken more seriously and the community was expecting more from us. We found it hard to sustain full time jobs while maintaining the guilds’ function. We therefore came up with the concept of building a Resouce Center for Game Development – which is now GameDev Norway


Linn Søvig

Søvig furthermore says that the Norwegian Game Developers Guild has established three goals for the new resource site. 1) To bring more money to game development in Norway. 2) To help game developers become better at business development, marketing and distribution, and 3) To make sure that the wonderful work produced in Norway is made as visible as possible for the rest of the world to see

This means that GameDev Norway is both meant to be read by the Norwegian game developers themselves, but also by people from abroad, whether they are potential investors, or just people curious about the games being produced in this small Northern country. Thus, the new site contains a mixture of news, information, and events, aimed at both the people in the local games industry, and people wanting to learn more about it.


However, the new resource site is only part of the greater plan the Norwegian Game Developers Guild has for the future of the local games industry. Søvig explains that they are currently working on establishing relationships with educations and research facilities as well as looking into how to improve the understanding of the market with the Norwegian game developers.

But GameDev Norway is still a big deal, even if it is only the first step. “It feels sooooo good to finally have a home!,” Søvig says.

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