Free Workshops With Valve and Blizzard at &Action

There will be several free workshops by some of the leading profiles in the industry at the &Action event coming up in Norway, March 24th to 26th.


It’s an impressive lineup of guests that will be giving free lectures at the upcoming &Action 3-day workshop at the HiNT University College in Steinkjer, some 450 kilometers north of Olso March 24th to 26th.

For several years, the local HiNT University College has arranged an annual Media Day where they have been bringing in industry professionals and talents as guest speakers. But this year the event has been extended to cover three whole days, and has gotten a new name as well: &Action


Among the speakers are several profiles from both Blizzard and Valve. Blizzard’s Cinematic Environment Modeling Supervisor, Seth Thompson, will talk about how to create complex props and sets. Jessica Johnson, Cinematic Artist at Blizzard and cosplayer will demonstrate workflows and show tailoring techniques for digital costumes. And from Valve comes David Lesperance, Environment and CG artist, who will demonstrate his process of developing high-end 3d environments.

The event kicks off Tuesday with a number of plenary talks before it splits up into individual workshop sessions. And each of the three days are capped off with social events such as quizzes, movie screenings, boardgames, and even live music.


Participation is free and open to anyone, but since the venue has a limited capacity, the organizers recommend that anyone planning to attend should book tickets in advance

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