Finnish Game Awards 2015

The Finnish games industry celebrates the best Finnish games at a game award show on 21st of April, 2015. 

A month from now, the Finnish games industry will all be gathered in Helsinki as The Finnish Game Awards 2015 is celebrated. The award show is organized by Neogames and the Finnish game developer business association, Suomen pelinkehittäjät ry, and will take place on the 21st of April, 2015 from 18:00.

One participant from each member studio of Suomen pelinkehittäjät will receive a free ticket for the gala, but tickets are also available at the price of €150 or €100 for members of Suomen pelinkehittäjät.

However, in order to register for the event, you’ll need to go to this website, and use the password Gala15 before the 31st of March, 2015. And before you meet up in a shirt and knickers, you may want to note that this year’s dress-code is “Dress to impress”.


Last year’s winners of the Finnish Game Awards were Resogun by Housemarque, which won Game of the Year, Facepalm Games, who won Rookie of the Year, and Theory Interactive’s crowdfunding campaign for their game, Reset, which won Sensation of the year.

Last years winner of “Game of the Year”, Resogun.

For the first time last year, the awards show consisted of only Finnish games and game developers. Something Neogames director, Koopee Hiltunen, at the time called natural next step for the fast-growing Finnish games industry.

“The game industry has quickly become an engine of the Finnish creative and cultural exports with the booming number of game developers. Consequently, it is only natural that the industry has its own gala focusing only on the creators of Finnish games”, Hiltunen said.

The jury evaluating the games at the award show consists of board members of Suomen pelinkehittäjät.


Apart from an overall growing games industry, the Finnish chapter of the international game developer association, IGDA Finland, is specifically doing very well these years, with a thriving and vibrant community of  volunteers who help support the Finnish games industry through initiatives such as their monthly gatherings and hubs that are located across Finland.

Gathering at the new IGDA Finland Hub

As a case in point, just last week, an initiative called Industry Beer, which started in 2011 as a local game industry gathering in Kajaani, Finland, became an official “IGDA Finland Hub”.

When it started in 2011, however, Industry Beer consisted of only 10 people who met irregularly to discuss ideas and catch up. But the initiative quickly took form and it has since turned into a regular meetup with up to 100 participants.

“Our organizers are actively putting Kajaani scene on the map, it is important for us that the young talent that starts in the small city like Kajaani, gets discovered when the time is right.”, the IGDA Finland blog post announcing the new Hub in Kajaani says.


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