Cities: Skylines Reaches New Heights

Cities: Skylines reaches out and touches the sky with their sales numbers. The Finnish studio behind the game, Colossal Order, had the same team work on this newest game as the ones who also developed the Cities in Motion games, and it payed off big time. In fact, in the first 24 hours alone, the game sold 250,000 copies and after a week that number had reached 500,000.

NordicGameBits talked with Mariina Hallikainen, Chief executive officer of Colossal Order, about some of the things that have made Cities: Skylines so successful.

Published by Swedish Paradox Interactive, Cities: Skylines has indeed made its arrival well known. The game boasts big maps and an added modding support, something that has given the game a favorable place in the hearts of many players.


Colossal Order CEO, Mariina Hallikainen

It is easy to see how the game has managed to achieve its great success, taking into consideration the invaluable experience gained from the Cities in Motion games. From working on the previous games, Colossal Order had received plenty of feedback in terms of user experience. Feedback that now allows the team to be able to build the game the players wanted. In this case, a game with even bigger maps and more unique citizens.


“We have always had a very clear vision of what we wanted to achieve with Cities: Skylines. The big maps and player control with added modding support has always been our goal.”, Says Mariina Hallikainen

“Believe in the dream, but don’t overwork yourself. “ – Mariina Hallikainen


Colossal Order was founded back in 2009 with a vision of making simulation and strategy games for PC. Now that they have achieved that, they are looking towards expanding their outfit so that they can work on two projects simultaneously.

Cities_Skylines_cover_artThe efforts of the publishers of Cities: Skylines, Paradox Interactive, were according to Mariina Hallikainen crucial for conveying the essence of the game to the public. They believe that because the players were well informed of the game and what it had to offer, the players were very sure about the sort of experience they went into when buying and playing the game.

“The marketing efforts by our publisher Paradox Interactive helped, and the honesty in explaining what the game is and what it isn’t. I believe the players had a clear idea what they can do in Cities: Skylines from the start.”, Mariina Hallikainen concludes

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