Surprise Announcement of New Norwegian Publisher

Linn Søvig will be stepping down as organizer of Gamedev Norway to start a brand new Norwegian publisher, Snow Cannon Games.

The attendees at the JoinGame conference that concluded in Voss, Norway today, got something of a surprise, as the last speaker of the day, Linn Søvig, took to the stage to present her talk; Gamedev Norway and the future of the Norwegian games industry.

In a surprise announcement, she told that not only will she be stepping down as the leader of Gamedev Norway, she will also be establishing a new games publisher in Norway in the coming weeks under the name “Snow Cannon Games”.

Søvig also announced that there has already been found a successor to take over the reigns of Gamedev Norway. Vidar Thorsby will be the new front person for the initiative, so Gamedev Norway’s continued existence should be secured.


In her presentation, Søvig described how she felt that the Gamed Norway initiative had reached a crossroad where it either had to invest most of it’s energy in a long term commitment to establish itself with public institutions and other possible public supporters, or use the energy interacting with the developers themselves, but at the risk of missing out on funding.

Søvig also attributed her decision to the recommendations that game consultant and Extra Credits writer, James Portnow, had come up with after staying as a “game developer in residence” in Bergen for six weeks. As can also be seen in the Extra Credits episode based on his stay in Norway, his first recommendation is to form a Norwegian-based publisher to help the local industry

Specific details on Snow Cannon Games are still very sparse, but at the conference Søvig promised that there would be more information available in a couple of weeks.

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