Stardust Brings Back Couch Co-Op

These days, online multiplayer and co-op games are everywhere, with many games striving to implement some sort of global community and fellowship, ensuring a longer and more diverse experience.

The other side of the coin however, is that the online portion of the games have slowly pushed the old-fashioned local co-op games out of the equation. Most games these days, be it console or PC, don’t include the option of sitting down with a friend and complete a tailored  co-op adventure.

There is a certain joy in going to battle with a friend who’s sitting next to you, the rush and adrenalin intensifies, the high fives are real and sting a precious five seconds after you sit down again, and most importantly, when you lose, you can cheer each other up and try again.


The good people behind Stardust Galaxy Warriors seem to agree. They are developing their game for the PC platform, aiming to bring back the local co-op genre. Stardust Galaxy Warriors is an arcade shoot ’em up, and its Finnish creators promise a certain epicness to it.

The crew behind the game all have a shared history, as they studied at the same school in Finland. After graduating, some of them worked with companies such as Fragment and Colossal Order, and after gaining a sufficient amount of experience, they went ahead and formed a group themselves. Soon after, they already began focusing on Stardust Galaxy Warriors, and their demo of the game won them a second prize at Finland’s largest gaming convention, the Assembly’s Gamedev competition in summer 2014.

Heidi Mäenpää, Chief of Marketing at Vasara Entertainment Oy


The team was in high spirits after the convention, and decided to take it to the next level. They soon after formed Vasara Entertainment Oy, a games studio with serious grit. “The game’s success gave all of us a boost to push our ideas and talents even further and half a year later we are the proud founders of Vasara Entertainment Oy, a game company that will bring you this year’s wildest indie game title: Stardust Galaxy Warriors.”, Heidi Mäenpää, Chief of Marketing at Vasara Entertainment Oy, says to Nordic Game Bits.



The studio comprises of a variety of talented individuals, each with their own different views, beliefs, strong points, and weak points. Something that they use to their advantage, according to Heidi Mäenpää, as she points out that they strengthen each other by being different in some ways, and that it brings about a sense of a lively atmosphere.

“…together, we complement each other and work efficiently even in the times of stress and uncertainty. Our CEO Petteri Lampikoski works hard to push our company forward, and his positive attitude never falters. He also has killer moves on the dance floor.”

“As Yoda once put it: “Do or not do. There is no try.” So go out and make that dream of yours happen today!” – Heidi Mäenpää


A video game is more than the sum of its components, it has a feel to it, a charm that separates that particular game from others like it. One could argue that by making games with similar features as a pre-existing popular games, you could have a higher chance of success. But another approach is to make something without the certainty of popular opinion, and base a video game on skill, experience, ambition, faith and good intentions.

Stardust Galaxy Warriors shows promise of talent and ingenuity, and the Finnish crew stresses that their way of looking at games from a gamers point of view is key to a well-rounded game that will linger long after it is turned off.

“Perhaps one could say that the gameplay experience Stardust Galaxy Warriors offers will be more like of a board game: You will have your friends come over, you all share snacks and then start playing the game together. You will experience moments of joy, share your mutual frustration in the hardest parts and finally tap everyone on the back for a game well played. You will be left with an experience that will remain with you far longer than an online gaming session. This way of playing is a lot more human, and at least to us, a great way to spend time with family and friends.”, Heidi Mäenpää explains.

And as she concludes,

“As experienced gamers ourselves we want Stardust Galaxy Warriors to offer the best possible cooperative gaming experience. Players can install the game anywhere and enjoy all of its features and customize it to their liking. There is no need for players to spend hours trying to unlock weapons, levels or upgrades they enjoy the most- those are always at their disposal. We also want the players to personalize their Stardust Galaxy Warriors experience with our highly customizable gameplay options. Players can for example tweak enemy spawn rates, enable friendly fire or change the firing rate of weapons. In short: everything is always unlocked, but depending on how much challenge the player wants they can choose to get it now, later or never. Plus, blasting enemy spacecrafts as a mecha is just plain fun!”


While the studio is still very young and the first game not yet completed, the ambitions are high, and the future looks bright according to Mänepää. In fact, if everything goes as planned, we will definitely hear more from Vasara Entertainment Oy in the future.

“One day we expect to be Finland’s top game developer! It’s a long road, but we will work hard to succeed in that goal. On a smaller scale… human-sized 3D prints of our mechas would also make a nice little addition to our office space, at least until the real things can be built!” – Heidi Mäenpää

Stardust Galaxy Warriors is currently on Steam Greenlight, and you can help them out here.


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