The Sky’s the Limit for Cities: Skylines

Finnish city-builder Cities: Skylines from Colossal Order crosses the 1 million mark with flying colors (and a cake!)


We recently wrote about how Cities: Skylines, the new city building game from Finland’s Colossal Order, crossed the 1/2 million units sold in just a week after the release of the game.

Released as a true Nordic partnership, with Finnish Colossal Order as the developer and Sweden’s Paradox as the publisher, the game has proved that the city building genre is still alive and well, and that Colossal Order has been very good at leveraging the experience they had gained from working on Cities in Motion 1 and 2.


The celebratory 1 mio. cake

Now, just a little more than a month after the release of the game, Colossal Order can reveal that the game has now sold more than a million copies. A number sure to only increase as the game moves through its product lifecycle.

While the development team revealed a celebratory cake on their Facebook feed, Paradox offered an official comment coming from CEO Fredrik Wester

We continue to be amazed at just how players have embraced Cities: Skylines. The game is still selling at a steady pace, which is remarkable for a game that has been on sale for well over a month. Once again, we want to thank everyone that has supported and continues to support this game.



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