Orbit: From Game Jam to Xbox One

Norwegian developer 4bit’s first game ever, Orbit, has just been announced for Microsoft’s Xbox One

Getting your first game released is no easy feat. Getting your first game released on Microsoft’s Xbox One is really impressive. But that is just what the small Norwegian developer 4bit has managed, as they today announced that the first game they made, Orbit, is now coming to Xbox One.

The intense 4-player multiplayer retro space-combat action game is now set to launch on both Steam and Xbox One later this year.


Simen Setrom, programmer and game designer at 4Bit Games tells Nordic game Bits that they are a small independent developer team based on a small island just off of Bergen on Norway’s western coast.

We draw inspiration from classical arcade games and combine retro elements with modern mechanics and polish for maximum impact.

Setrom tells that the people behind 4bit decided to form a company while they were studying game design at Sunnhordland Folkehøgskule. Then in 2013, they started working on Orbit, their first project, and haven’t looked back since.

Orbit was originally created
during a game jam with the theme “Size matters”. “The idea was to create a brawler where planets of differing size and function give off a gravitational pull or effect which affects the players, rockets and the arena itself,” Simen explains.  “We took lots of inspiration from some of the first games ever created, for instance Space war! where gravity is the central mechanic.We where surprised to find there hasn’t been any game like it since 1962!”

The resulting game looks like a tricked out cross of Space war! and Geometry Wars, with some intense 4-player multiplayer chaos thrown in for good measure. It features 9 different game modes, randomly generated maps, a game mode designer, and a level-up and upgrade system for the spaceships


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