Spillkonvent 2015 Announced

The 4th edition of the annual Spillkonvent conference has just been announced. This year, you can join the Norwegian games industry at Klækken Hotel in Norway in June.

The conference is held by Virke Produsentforeningen, Norsk Filminstitutt and Kreativt Europa, who are working together to create tighter networks in the Norwegian Games industry.

“We have seen a need to create a meeting place where people in the industry can showcase their work, share their experiences and find inspiration in each others work, as well as socializing and networking”, Kaja Hench Dyrlie of the Norwegian Film Institute explains.

“It is a generous business that shares both successes and failures”, Kaja Hench Dyrlie.


While all details have not been fully scheduled yet, Dyrlie says that the sharing of successes and failures will be a central theme of the conference.

“There will be talks from developers who will share their experiences with launching games in 2014. What worked and what didn´t work? Furthermore, there will be sessions with a focus on financials, production planning and finalizing a product.”.

Dyrlie continues to explain that “We will also present an analysis of the industry in Norway from Virke Produsentoreningen which will show how the industry looks today through facts and figures”.


Kaja Hench Dyrlie is optimistic about the future of Spillkonvent as yearly events in general has seen a steady increase in attendees.

“Spillkonvent is something we wish to arrange as long as people in the industry have a use for it, and the number of attendees increases yearly, showing us that the interest is large.”.

Despite the great success of the conference, Dyrlie underlines that there are no plans to make the event international, as the main focus is, and always will be, on the Norwegian industry.

“This is an event for the Norwegian games industry so we have no plans to make it more international. There are already plenty of great venues for this, such as Nordic Game” Dyrlie concludes.


Spillkonvent 2015 takes place on Klækken Hotell the 15th to the 16th of June this year. It costs 2000 Norwegian Kroner to attend the conference, and you will need to buy tickets before the 21st of May. The schedule is still pending.


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