Game Jams as Energy Boosts For Your Studies

A Game Jam can also be a way to meet fellow students and get a boost to your game design studies. That is at least some of the thoughts behind the Create Game Jam.


Why would you make the effort of completeing a game jam, if you’re already attending game development studies? Because it can give you an energy boost in your studies! That’s one of the reasons why a group of students at the Medialogi studies at the University of Aalborg in Denmark is putting together the Create Game Jam for all of the students at their branch of the university.

“We get experience with things like that through our studies, but it’s something else when you can just set aside 48 hours to create a small new project,” says Alexander Arendttorp, one of the organizers. “You can make a project that won’t take 4 months and a lot of annoying research to get going, but one where you can just do something you feel like with no other requirements.”

Personally, I feel like it can give me renewed energy for my study projects, if I can get into another project and just get it finished, even if the quality doesn’t have to be especially high.


The idea for the game jam actually came last semester when Alexander and one of his friends decided it could be cool to do something together with the rest of the people from their university.

However, as it was their first experience arranging a game jam, they decided to keep it manageable, and only invited students from their own year. But the plan was to build from there, if it turned out to be a success. So this time around they are inviting everyone at the university.

But regardless of the size, the objective remains the same. “We just want to get to know each other and make something fun and unique during a weekend,” Alexander explains. “Even if you have never tried to make a game before.”

However, he also hopes that the jam will allow people to meet across the different semesters at the university. “We’re encouraging the participants to talk with people they don’t know, so they might also get an impression of what they can expect to learn during their studies here.”


The Create Game Jam takes place May 1st to May 3rd and is open to all students at Aalborg University, Department of Architeture, Design and Media Technology. More information can be found here.

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