These 12 Norwegian Games Got 7,4m NOK in State Funding

The latest round of development funding recipients from the Norwegian Game Support Program under the Norwegian Film Institute has been announced.


The Norwegian Film Institute has just announced the latest round of development funding support, and 12 happy Norwegian developers can now celebrate as they have recieved a total of 7,4 million Norwegian kroner.

The development grants span all the way from 2 million kroner, awarded to Ravn Studio and their game, Elias og jakten på nordlyset, to newly released Orbit from 4bit games, which received 50.000 NOK.


The 12 recipients of funding have been selected from a total of 47 applications. Three of the games have previously recieved funding support from the Norwegian Film Institute. These games are Redux Ark, Frostrunen og Degrees of Separation. 

Here’s the complete list of development funding recipients:

Elias og jakten på nordlyset
Developer: Ravn Studio AS
Funding: 2.000.000 NOK

Trolls vs.Vikings 2
Developer: Megapop AS
Funding: 1.000.000 NOK

Warhammer Arcane Magic
Developer: Turbo Tape Games AS
Funding: 900.000 NOK

Redux Ark
Developer: Hyper Games AS
Funding: 800.000 NOK

Earthlock: Festival of Magic
Developer: Snow Castle AS
Funding: 750.000 NOK

Degrees of Separation
Developer: Moondrop AS
Funding: 600.000 NOK

The Iconoclasts
Developer: Bifrost AS
Funding: 500.000 NOK

Manual Samuel
Developer: Perfectly Paranormal
Funding: 225.000 NOK

Cube Cube
Developer: Team DOS AS
Funding: 220.000 NOK

Developer: Gjestland Film
Funding: 185.000 NOK

Developer: Grimnir AS
Funding: 150.000 NOK

Developer:4Bit Games
Funding: 50.000 NOK

Jesper K. Kristiansen

Multi-passionate game developer and journalist. Has been writing about the Danish games industry for more than ten years, and creating audio design for both Danish and International games for almost as long.

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