Co-founder Leaves Starbreeze Studios

Co founder and former Creative Director Ulf Andersson leaves Swedish game company Starbreeze Studios.

Starbreeze Studios recently reported that Ulf Andersson has resigned from his position in the company, leaving his brother and Starbreeze Studios CEO, Bo Andersson Klint, with a larger share in the company. Ulf Andersson will remain as a consultant to the board, meaning that he will still have influence over the company’s decisions for the next 2 years.

The company, most recently known for the critically acclaimed title Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, has recently been expanding by acquiring Overkill Software and Geminose Inc, showing signs of a change in direction for the successful company.


Starbreeze Studios was founded in 1998 as O3 Games by the two brothers Ulf Andersson and Bo Andersson Klint, but later merged with a smaller company under the name Starbreeze Studios. Since the company’s inception, the studios has focused on creating action oriented games for a mature audience. From the dark fantasy in pc Action Role Playing Game Enclave to the adaptions of The Darkness and Chronicles of Riddick.

Most recently the company has gotten a lot of critical acclaim for the exploration of digital storytelling in the puzzle/adventure game Brothers: A tale of two sons.


Starbreeze Studios is one of the most successful videogame companies in Sweden, with a large cult following due to it´s success at creating games based on established IPs. In 2012 this reputation allowed them to create a First Person Shooter sequel to the modern classic: Syndicate. Since then, the company has expanded by making a number of acquisitions, signalling a bright future for the Swedish company.


NordicGameBits have reached out to Starbreeze Studios for a comment.



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