Danish Megafund for Game Development

The Danish game industry is contemplated to expand quite nicely, according to recent talks of a fund of 150 million kroner to support the industry. The Danish investment firm Capnova has been supporting innovation of several kinds, but they are eager to ante up on games.

What this means for Danish developers, is that there will be a lot more funding for games in the near future, hopefully. According to Capnova, they want to work on making the underrated Danish games industry on par with Sweden and Finland.

Nikolaj Nyholm of Sunstone Capital

Since 2008, Capnova have invested 67 million kroner in 27 different game developers. Their intention with the new investment fund of 150 million kroner is to fund the development of games, and by extension the games industry, for the next 3 years. The idea is that instead of each developer having to apply for funding by him or herself, Capnova will use their expertise to help the game developers with reaching out to individual investors and investment funds. Nikolaj Nyholm, partner at another Danish investment firm, Sunstone Capital, talked with NordicGameBits about their view on the new fund.

“I know few details about Cap Nova’s new initiative, but they have been active in supporting game developers through a very attractive financial model, so I’d love to see them succeed. “ – Nikolaj Nyholm


According to Sunstone Capital, they have been the most active games investor in Europe in the past 18 months. In that period, Sunstone has primarily been investing in Finnish games. Not because they have a specific focus on Finland, but mostly because Finland has great at spawning new and interesting games. The fact that Finland has the most organized and evolved games developer climate in Europe only makes it natural to be more interested business wise.

The Finnish games industry seems to be more open and interlocked in-between one another, making it that much easier to spot new opportunities and act on them, once you’re on the inside. The level of open industry chatter the Fins cultivate, is the very environment Sunstone thrive in.

“Likewise, great ideas spread faster when you’re willing to share, something the Finnish scene has been extremely good at, spawning new successes on top of old.”, says Partner at Sunstone Capital, Nikolaj Nyholm


Even though the Danish games industry is lacking in the investment department in comparison to Finland or Sweden, the industry has produced a couple of unforgettable gems.  With that and the fact that Denmark, according to Nikolaj Nyholm, is an untapped oil reserve of cool games in mind, it makes sense for investors to finally tap into the industry.

”Yes, we’d love to fund Danish developers, have considered many and been in deep dialogs with a handful: We wanted to invest in Playdead, but ended assisting them in other ways to get out of their funding ‘limbo.”, Nikolaj Nyholm concludes.


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