Peer-decided Award “Spilprisen 2015″ Announced

The trade organization for the Danish Game Developers, Producentforeningen, has now officially unveiled the next iteration of the peer-decided award show for the Danish games industry: Spilprisen.


On June 11th the Danish games industry will be invited to an award show where the winners will be decided among the developers themselves. This is the third time that the award, called Spilprisen, will be handed out, but this year it seems like it has grown in both size and scope.

Started as a small experiment in 2013 with only four categories, this year’s incarnation of the awards will have no less than nine different categories. And after a preselection performed by a jury, the final decision as to who will win, is decided by voting among all the members of the Danish Games industry.

Spilprisen 2015 will hand out awards in the following categories: Best showcase, Best visuals, Best sound design, Best game design, Best technical achievement, Educational Award, Best Danish Language Game, Artistic Achievement, and finally, Game of the Year.


Billed as  “a tribute to the best, most creative and innovative Danish games,” Spilprisen can in many ways be seen as an alternative to the Danish Game Awards, which is hosted by the game distributors’ organization. One of the reasons for the creation of Spilprisen was the wish to have a national award that focused on locally produced games, rather than focus on big international blockbusters, as is the case with Danish Game Awards.

Another point of difference is the voting method. Where the Danish Game Awards is decided by popular vote, Spilprisen is decided by the people of the Danish games industry themselves, effectively making it a peer-decided award in the vein of BAFTA and The Oscar. Something Spilprisen is also pointing out in their presentation:

Spilprisen is the industry’s own award. It is awarded by the peers on professional merits.


Spilprisen will be held at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen June 11th 16:30.

Full disclosure: The author of this article is part of the pre-selection jury for Spilprisen 2015.

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