Getting Parents and Kids to Play Together

Money from the Nordic Game developers grant will help ThroughLine Games to focus on the runner-up game from Nordic Game Jam 2015.


Danish game developers ThroughLine Games were among the five recipients of the Nordic Game development grants that have just been announced during Nordic Game Conference. ThroughLine received 200,000 Danish Kroner for the development of their upcoming game, Look at My Drawing.

“Most of our resources have actually been devoted to another project, but this grant allows us to focus more on this game”, says CEO and Creative Director, Alfred Nguyen.


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Look At My Drawing started as a project for Nordic Game Jam 2015, where it was follow-up to the Best Game-award as well as won an award for Best Use of Hardware. Since then, production has continued within ThroughLine. The game is a puzzle-platformer that explores the difference in perceptions between a child and their parent, Alfred Nguyen explains.

“A lot of kids are already playing alone on their iPads, for instance. With Look At My Drawing we would like to create a meaningful, creative exchange between children and their parents”, he says.


A screenshot of the Nordic Game Jam-version of Look At My Drawing

Alfred Nguyen and his co-workers at ThroughLine hope to have an early version of the game ready for autumn. And though they haven’t yet decided on a platform, they do have some in mind, Alfred Nguyen says:

“We think that Nintendo DS, PSP Vita and Wii U are good matches because a lot of the game is based on making your own drawings” he explains.


The game still has a way to go in terms of development and ThroughLine have not yet set a final release date, but you can try the Game Jam-version here. Other than Look At My Drawing, ThroughLine also has a bigger game coming for consoles, which we should know more about in the near future.


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