This Week in Games – Week 21

This article is part of the weekly “This Week in Games” article-series on Nordic Game Bits. The purpose of the series is to collect and wrap-up all the news that we did not cover with a full article on NordicGameBits form the past weeks. 

Logic Artists announces Expeditions: Viking

The second installment of the RPG series “Expeditions” was announced by Danish developers Logic Artists this week. The original game was called Expeditions: Conquistador, but in the new game, players will be taken back to the Viking age of the Nordic region in Expeditions: Viking.

“We are very excited to return to our roots in the RPG genre, and as developers from the Nordic region, to make a game in a setting that is a lot closer to home than anything we’ve done before”, said Jonas Wæver, Creative Director for Logic Artists. “We’re improving on the Conquistador formula with deeper and more dynamic systems for character progression, combat abilities, role-playing, choice and consequence, and expanding on our favorite part of Conquistador: camping and wilderness survival.”



Wrassling released on iOS

Wrassling is the third game from the collaboration of a Scottish game designer, Colin Lane, and a Dutch artist, Folmer, both living in Stockholm. The game already sits at over 250k downloads, and still rising. About their recent success, Colin Lane said that:

“The pre release marketing for Wrassling went very well. The originality of the game seemed to catch the attention of the media. We got articles in most of the major mobile gaming sites and AppSpy and Lonniedos made YouTube gameplay videos. On launch Wrassling was Featured in Best New Games in USA and Canada as well as a few South American Countries. The downloads were over 30k a day and we ranked #3 in sports in USA and Canada. The Week after the first set of features we were featured in Best New Games in 95 other countries including some European countries. Wrassling didn’t catch on in Europe as it did an America although we got plenty of downloads from Russian and the UK. It currently has just over 255k downloads on iOS.”



Confused Genius Games’ Xenocide gets greenlit on Steam

Xenocide is the first game to come out of the 8-man team at Finnish Confused Genius Games. The team is incubated at the Oulu Game Lab Program, and the top-down shooter game got Greenlit in only 40 days.



Nordic Game Awards 2015 winners have been announced

The Nordic Game Awards 2015 consisted of seven awards, and the winners were announced just a few days ago, during the Nordic Game Conference. The “Best Nordic Game” award went to Wolfenstein: The New Order, developed by Swedish MachineGames. The “Best Nordic Children’s Game” award went to Wuwu & Co., developed by Danish Step in Books. The “Best Nordic Handheld Game” award went to Size DOES Matter, developed by Norwegian DOS Studios. The “Best Artistic Achievement” award went to Among the Sleep, developed by Norwegian Krillbite Studios. The “Best Nordic Innovation” award went to Kalimba, developed by Danish Press Play. The “Nordic Game Indie Sensation” award went to Interplanetary, developed by Finnish Team Jolly Roger. And lastly, the “Boardic Game Sensation” award went to My Words Exactly, developed by Danish Freid Dice.



Digital Bros increase their investment in Starbreeze Studios

Digital Bros initially invested $4.88 million in Starbreeze Studios in March 23, 2015, but now it seems that the company will increase that investment with another $3.32 million, making the total investment $8.2 million. Together with the first investment, Digital Bros’ ownership in Starbreeze will increase to 3.45% of the company based on the current actual number of outstanding shares.



The last Nordic game development support has been announced

A total of five studios have each received 200.000 DKK in the last round of Nordic game development support. The recipients of the grants are: Swedish Itatake AB, for the development of Pukk. Danish MiniMo ApS, for the development of MiniMo Nordic Kitchen. Icelandic Rosamosi ehf, for the development of Mussikids Music Box of Mussiland. Danish ThroughLine Games ApS, for the development of Look At My Drawing. Swedish Zoink AB, for the development of Fe. 


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