Subway Surfer-Creators Reveals Blades of Brim

One of the most successful Danish mobile developers is now ready to present their follow-up to their huge hit, Subway Surfers. 


As Denmark’s arguably biggest mobile hit ever, Subway Surfers is now running on its 3rd year, still going strong. But the original creators of the misbehaving grafitti kids have not been resting on their laurels. They have been hard at work on the title to go in Subway Surfer‘s footsteps, and last week at Nordic Game Conference, they were finally ready to reveal: Blades of Brim

Even though Blades of Brim is a completely new game, the connections to Subway Surfers are clear. Blades of Brim has the same colorful cartoony style that helped Subway Surfers become such a hit. But the differences are also obvious. In Blades of Brim, you are no longer running away – oh, and you are also carrying a lethal fantasy weapon of your choice.


screenshot1Blades of Brim also represents a huge step for developer SYBO, as they will be releasing the game on their own this time. While the original concept for Subway Surfers was their creation, they teamed up with Danish publisher/developer Kiloo for the final version, with Kiloo handling publishing and monetization duties as well as sharing developmental duties.

But for their next game, SYBO has set up their own publishing department, and are now ready to handle all aspects of the game, while Kiloo is continuing their partnership setup, but with new partners instead of SYBO.


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Blades os Brim is an endless runner like it’s predecessor. And according to Sylvester Rishøj and Bodie Jahn-Mulliner, the two founders of SYBO, there is a good reason for this. “We’ve always seen a huge potential in the endless runner-genre, that we feel is not currently being utilized to it’s full extent,” Sylvester tells Nordic Game Bits.

One of the new features that Blades of Brim brings to the Endless Runnes-genre is a pretty complex combat system where you attack enemies in the world by swiping towards them in different ways, with a wide array of possible attacks available, and the possibility to string together impressive combos. You can even stomp on the enemies in true Mario style, and use that to reach higher areas, that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Blades of Brim
is placed in a classic fantasy universe. Something SYBO chose for several reasons. One of the advantages to this is that it will be much easier to add new stuff, without breaking the illusion of the game.

“We had to create this framework, where we can expand it much more than just traveling around to new cities,” Bodie explains, referring to the otherwise very popular World Tour system in Subway Surfers.

In Blades of Brim, we can create new floating islands – new worlds – that are all part of a bigger universe, because in fantasy, anything is pretty much allowed.

“The fantasy universe also allows us to introduce pretty much any type of character we can come up with,” Sylvester adds, “and that also just makes it super exciting.”.


screenshot5Another thing that SYBO is introducing in Blades of Brim is different kinds of gear for the playable characters. In true RPG fashion, you can get new gear for your character, which will not only function as vanity items, but also give different small bonuses to your stats when you are playing. According to SYBO, this not only creates a deeper meta-game, it’s also an important factor for the longevity of the game.

“We have this vision that you can follow this game throughout it’s lifetime,” Sylvester explains. “When you have been playing for one or two years, you will actually have gained a lot of things, which will have expanded your game, instead of what usually happens with endless runners; that it is the exact same game you’re playing two years down the line. But your game needs to show that you have invested time in it, and that it has paid off.”


screenshot4Regarding the future of Blades of Brim, both Bodie and Sylvester are promising new worlds, as well as further glimpses into the underlying narrative of the game. But the potential might be even bigger, as they are actively working to create not just a game, but a complete IP, with a reach far outside of the games medium.

“We want to build brands,” Sylvester explains. “Things that can tell stories – that has the potential to become movies, tv-series and cartoons – complete universes.”

So far, we will have to wait until June 4th, when Blades of Brim launches on iOS devices worldwide, to see how many of their ambitions will become reality, and how SYBO will fare both developing and releasing the game on their own. We will be watching.

About SYBO
SYBO is the developer and the IP owner of Subway Surfers, the endless runner released on Apple and Android devices, under a freemium model.
The game was released in May 2012, and has since, reached 700 million installs, 62 billion play sessions and 75 billion miles run.
Subway Surfers was the second most downloaded mobile game in 2014. SYBO is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is passionate about their players.
SYBO lives to create immersive and exciting experiences.
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