Retrospillmessen 2015 To be Held in Sandefjord

Retrospillmessen 2015 is finding its way to Sandefjord in Norway from the 29th of August to the 30th of August.

This year’s Retrospillmessen is the second since its inception in 2014: “2014 was our first year as a major convention and we got around 1000 visitors. The goal this year is to take the concept even further with international, and local celebrity guests but still with a main focus on the joy of retro gaming.”, CEO of Spillmuseet, Jan O. Hegvik explains.

The event celebrates the retro gaming scene in an effort to teach younger players about the history of video games. “We see it [Retro games] as an important part of video game culture and history. The concepts and styles of older video games continue to inspire the current video game scene, and we feel that it is increasingly important to remind people of video gaming’s past.”, Hegvik adds.

It is an effort to present a different aspect of video game culture in an industry that is mainly interested in progressing and less in archiving the roots of the industry. “The video gaming industry is mostly focused on current times because that is where they make their money. We feel that our job is to tell people the story of video game history.”, Hegvik explains.


Retrospillmessen 2015 will cover a wide variety of activities. The most important part of the event is the expo of classic video game consoles ranging back from 1978 to present day technology, giving visitors an overview of video game history with a chance to interact with every piece of hardware.

“Our convention is gaming focused (some choose to focus on sales), so you will be able to play a historic lineup of consoles all the way from the mid 70s to current generation, including arcade machines.”, Hegvik says.

Aside from this, there will also be scheduled talks and performances by celebrities such as Youtube personality Brentalfloss and famed Commodore 64 composer Ben Daglish, who contributed music for the classic Commodore 64 game Last Ninja, among others.


The event takes place in Sandefjord, Norway between the 29th of August and 30th of August. The price of admission is 150Nkr per day or 200Nkr for both days, and tickets can be bought here.

Johnny Josefsen

A Level/Game designer who previously worked on the puzzle game: The Reaper and the hellish racing game: Hell Driver. Enthusiastic about everything from games to litterature, music and movies.

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