Magicka 2 Creators Announce New Rogue-like Game

Pieces Interactive, the Swedish developers behind newly released Magicka 2, have already switched their attention to their next project, Kill to Collect.

Having just released their latest collaboration with publisher Paradox, Pieces Interactive are already lining up their next release, Kill to Collect. Kill to Collect is a dungeon brawler combined with rogue like elements and a Cyberpunk universe. And while the rogue-like genre has been on a steady decline for the last year or so, Pieces try to stand out by focusing on co-op, David Rosén, CEO of Pieces Interactive, explains:

“We are quite convinced that the combination of elements in KTC will cater to a lot of people enjoying games like Binding of Isaac and Spelunky”, he says.

“There is always room for good solid fun with a good coop experience”, he says.


A taste of the artwork from Kill to Collect

A taste of the artwork from Kill to Collect

The good solid fun is delivered by an artstyle that draws inspiration from 80s manga such as Appleseed and Battle Angel Alita, and a gameplay that keeps gamers on their toes. And while they make a lot of different kinds of games, Pieces always have those people in mind: the gamers.



“We don’t want to make just the one type, but one thing they have in common is that they will be – for lack of a better word – “real” games. Experiences for gamers who call themselves just that, gamers”, David Rosén says.


Pieces Interactive’s last effort, Magicka 2, was developed with Swedish publisher Paradox. That collaboration gave Pieces a lot of perspectives with respect to the market, and David Rosén describes it as a good experience. Kill to Collect is developed by Pieces themselves, and is a completely different experience, he explains.

“Being in this situation is very empowering but also very humbling when we put on our development hats”, David Rosén explains,

“Being independent only makes us more aware of the quality that we want to deliver, so we have very high standards and expectations from our gamer selves and this can be a humbling experience”, he says.


Even though Pieces have developed Kill to Collect by themselves, it has still been necessary to find some additional funding. And with that comes the challenge of finding an investor that believes in your project – and one that can bring something to the project, David Rosén says.

“Getting someone else worked up to the level you are about something is a bit of a journey and key to finding the funds is also about figuring out who is open to invest in the type of games you are doing. We had to turn other stones before we found the right investors who believed in us, and also had more things than “just money” to bring to the table”, he says.

But now that the investor has been found, development is going as planned. Kill to Collect does not have a definite release date yet, but has been scheduled to be released through Steam as well as on the major consoles.

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