8 Danish Games to Receive State Funding Revealed

The recipients of approx. 4 million DKK in funding from the Danish Game Support Program have been revealed.


The Danish Film Institute refreshed it’s list of all the film, tv, and games projects that has received funding from the institute, and interestingly enough, the list also includes the latest 8 game projects to receive funding from the national Danish Game Funding Program.

The Danish Film Institute expects to have the full description of the games as well as screenshots up on their site later this week, they tell Nordic Game Bits. Next week they expect to be able to add another 10 games that have each received the smaller “idea development” grants.

As far as we can see from the numbers, the total amount handed out in this round ends up just shy of 5 million DKK, including the 10 idea development projects to be added. Something that might seem weird, since the budget for game funding in 2015 has been set at 12,5 million DKK. But the Institute is still working on the new guidelines for production and marketing support, so funding for these two categories have not been handed out in this round.


The eight games that have been awarded funding in the first of two funding rounds in 2015 are:

Dream Factory from Bedtime Digital Games – 968.500 DKK (iOS, Android, pc)

A follow-up to the surrealist puzzle-game Back to Bed, Dream Factory seems to share a lot of the same aesthetics as Back to Bed. Described as a Isometric Puzzle Adventure, the player will have to traverse the different levels of the Dream Factory in a hunt for escaped nightmares. Has previously received idea development funding, 75.000 dkkr.


Forgotton Anne (sic) from ThroughLine Games – 450.000 DKK (pc, XB1, PS4)

We know almost nothing about this title, other than that it is developed by ThroughLine games, who also recently received 200.000 dkkr. in funding from the Nordic Game Program for another game: Look at my Drawing. The funding list puts the genre as “Adventure, Puzzle platformer”.


GlitchGolf from Glitchnap – 522.000 DKK (iOS)

Another unknown game from Glitchnap, the very indie-minded creators of Laza Knitez!!, Try Harder and Sentree. Described as a mobile partygame and construction game in the funding list.


Mechanic Miner from Mark Film – 620.000 DKK (Mac, pc, Linux)

A sandbox game that let’s the player create mechanical contraptions of any kind in a 2D open-world steampunk universe. Also received idea development funding, 75.000 dkkr., in 2014.


Night Skies ’15 from Apex Virtual Entertainment – 460.000 DKK (Oculus Rift)

The first official Oculus Rift game to be funded through the program. Apex is one of the older players in the Danish games industry, and judging from the title, it could sound like something related to WWI. Especially when coupled with the genre identification of “VR shooting game”.


Shrug Island from Tiny Red Camel – 500.000 DKK (Mac, pc, iPad)

Described as a single player adventure with music puzzles, Shrug Island has been out in the open for a while, since it’s successful Kickstarter campaign last year. The game has a very distinct hand-painted style, no doubt owning to the fact, that it is based on an animated movie. Has previously received idea development funding, 75.000 dkkr.


Wartile from Playwood Projects – 301.890 DKK (pc) (pictured)

A strategy game based on hex-spaced battlefields and old school wargaming figurines. Created by veterans from both IO Interactive and Dontnod.


Let’s Play a Story from Savannah – 75.000 DKK (iOS)

Idea development funding for an as yes unknown title.

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