Koukoi Games Announces First IP ”Crashing Season”

Young 12-man large Finnish games studio, Koukoi Games has just revealed their first game, Crashing Season, to arrive later this year on mobile devices.

As a young studio, managing 12 employees may seem like a huge endeavor. And in my ways, it is. But the team at Koukoi Games have always believed that in order to make great games, you need to have a team that can take care of all areas related to developing and publishing a game.

“When we started building up our current team there was one main goal we wanted to achieve: building up a team that can handle all areas of taking ideas to perfectly finalized games and launching those globally through different channels. We did really good on making this happen in a short time and built a team that shares a common vision of creating a fast-growing and sustainable game company – right people, right time. This was to ensure that we actually can make things happen ourselves.”, Koukoi Games executive producer, Antti Kananen says to Nordic Game Bits.

It certainly helps, of course, that the team holds quite some experience already from the games and tech startup scene in general. Some of the current Koukoi employees were for example previously working at Nokia, Rovio, and other software development companies in Finland and abroad, Kananen explains.

”We strongly think that having a setup of experienced multi-talents with different backgrounds can take developing mobile games to the next level with new views. We also work with a local audio studio in very flexible way to quarantee long-term sustainability for shared projects.”

While the team of 12 consists of 5 core members who together make the final decisions, the entire structure of the 12-man team is as follows:

”In our team we have 1 producer, 3 coders and 8 graphical artists who are putting all their know-how into developing awesome games and making the best possible game company there is.”, Antti Kananen says.


Koukoi Games have not received any investments so far, and according to Antti Kananen, an investment doesn’t necessarily have to be your first priority, as long as you have a great team and a bit of indie spirit.

Teaser for Crashing Season

”We currently invest our know-how and money when it’s needed into Koukoi Games. We can fully develop a game without any expenses so to say as everyone is all-in with this and has all the know-how needed. This can be continued easily for several games. True indie-spirit.”

With that said, however, to really start growing the company, and following the announcement of their first game, Crashing Season, Koukoi have decided to start looking for their first investment.

”We have given it a lot thought lately and decided to start a seed round to achieve fast growth, better market penetration and goal of creating the best possible gaming company there is”, Antti Kananen says.

”We know by fact that investments can be used as a tool to achieve these goals. And also, taking in experienced investors with a huge knowledge-base will help us network faster with the right parties and enable us to see where the markets are expanding during the upcoming years.”, he adds.


Crashing Season is a physics based 3D mobile game in which players control different kind of animal characters and tries to survive for as long as possible. And although Crashing Season has not even been released yet, a new IP is already in development at Koukoi Games. The next game is not ready to be revealed just yet, but Kananen says that it’ll be a game with huge franchise opportunities.

Crashing Season screenshot

”There is another game in progress that actually has a huge brand value as we see it. It’s something we have to develop carefully as we don’t want to lose the value we see in it. This is something we are doing behind the scenes and will be announce a little bit later.”

Generally, the strategy seems to be to experiment with a couple of different games until the studio finds those couple of games that really start to fly, and then focus on those.

”We will focus more on games that actually work better. We will of course develop new games as our team grows or it’s time to move on, but we have to see which game holds the most potential for Koukoi Games first.”, Kananen says, and adds that:

”We don’t want to limit the growth that can be achieved – we just have to be realistic and make it happen, and then stick with those games that start to fly. For example, for Supercell it’s kind of no-brainer thing to stick with few games until the cash flow stops.”


Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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