Sweden is Europe’s Leading Game Development Hub

According to a survey conducted by the Game Developers Conference among 250 European games industry professionals, there is a clear edge in being a Swede.


Johanna Nylander from Dataspelsbranschen

The survey has concluded several factors that come into play when deciding the most fertile nation in the Games industry, and how they will shape the industry in the time to come.

The survey also exposes which platforms European developers are most interested in investing in, such as virtual reality game development and crowd funding, to name a few.


According to the survey, Sweden came in first when reviewing which country developed the best games as of now. NordicGameBits approached Swedish Dataspelsbranschen (Association of Swedish Game Developers), and asked them why they were perceived as leading the field. Johanna Nylander, dealing with Policy Affairs at Dataspelsbranschen, had this to say:

“We have a large variety of different studios from AAA to mobile which makes the country strong in terms of focus of development, and there are a lot of options for individual developers to change genre and company. The diversity keeps the country interesting and companies stronger.”


Some might be tempted to ask whether or not Sweden’s position at the top of the survey results is solid, or merely a bubble that may burst at any moment.

According to the same survey, going back a decade, it was the UK leading the assessment. Now, with Sweden at the top of the list, some might be waiting, and maybe even expecting, the next Minecraft soon.

“Of course, some success stories like Minecraft might be hard to repeat for anyone, but the quality of Swedish games has been consistent for the last decade or two, and we are certain the trend will continue.”, says Johanna Nylander

“The Finns are great on the business-side and has good support from their government.”, Johanna Nylander continues.

The Swedish mantra for developing games is one to be revered. They try to keep a fine balance between individual developers, and the developers industry as a whole. That sounds good and all, but those same words wouldn’t have such an impact, if they weren’t followed by a willingness to conduct business on a top corporate level.

“Creating great games, keeping an open environment between developers and don’t forget there’s business to be made.”, Johanna Nylander says.


When dealing with different kinds of people from different countries, you get a sense of their slightly varied games developing cultures.

Sweden seems to be on track with the times, and has since long ago implemented an openness to their environment. Followed by that, they fully support creating a vibrant atmosphere in the workplace, and encourage their co-workers to lean in for help and advice.

When asked, Johanna Nylander listed a few keywords to describe the essence of the Swedish game developers culture:

“Openness, teamwork, passion, creativity and hard work.”, she said.

Although Sweden reached the top spot in the survey, any company, brand, or artist who doesn’t constantly evolve, dies – figuratively speaking. According to Johanna  Nylander, she isn’t that particularly worried about being left behind, however.

She believes that the one thing guaranteeing the future success of the Swedish games developer industry, is teamwork. According to her, teamwork is the vital key in keeping a company, or even an industry, alive and well.

“Game development is teamwork and you have to care about your team in all aspects.”, Johanna Nylander concludes.


You can find the full report here.


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