KnapNok Games and Frozenbyte Collaborate on Epic Indie Sale

Nintendo’s eShop has been the venue of a great indie sale recently, where seven developers have been promoting each other’s games.

For the past two weeks, from the 9th of July till the 23rd, there has been a sale in Nintendo’s online store. The Epic Indie Sale has offered 14 different Wii U games from independent developers with a 60 percent discount, but that was not the special thing about the sale.

Trine: Enchanted Edition was one of the games in Nintendo’s recent Epic Indie Sale

If you have been following the sale on social media, on #epicindiesale for instance, you probably noticed that Danish developers KnapNok Games and Finnish developers Frozenbyte – among others – have been promoting each other’s games. Something that Kai Tuovinen, Marketing Manager at Frozenbyte, who participated with the two popular Trine games, sees as a natural thing to do as an indie developer.

“It reinforces the indie spirit we all have and the #EpicIndieSale hashtag was a good way to cross-promote each other’s games. Using our social media channels to promote the sale and the other titles was a natural fit,” he says.


At Copenhagen-based KnapNok Games, who had their multiplayer title “Spin The Bottle: Bumpie’s Party” on sale, PR manager Anchel Labena agrees. And the campaign has been very popular with the fans as well, he says:

“Players might know some of these developers but not the others, but thanks to this type of marketing strategy, you spread awareness about the other studios and at the same time you generate a positive view of your own. It’s all about goodwill. We’ve received messages from fans who are very grateful of this approach too and would love to see more love from one developer to another,” he says.


The Epic Indie Sale started as an idea at German developers Black Forest Games. And though they were all “partners in crime”, each developer had its own approach to the promotion, Anchel Labena explains.


Spin The Bottle: Bumpie’s Party was a big hit in the Epic Indie Sale, even though revolving around making players feel awkward.

“One developer might, for example, take the approach of posting their “pick of the day” from the games in the sale. Another might add their own words about what they like best of each game.”

“Also, it’s important to remember that the sale consisted in users getting a 60% discount if they owned any of the other games in the sale, so by definition the sale is already encouraging players to get not just one game, but at least one more,” he says.



Even though none of them are able to disclose their sales numbers or regional data, both developers call the Epic Indie Sale a success. And both Anchel Labena and Kai Tuovinen are open to doing something similar in the future, they say:

“It would be fun to take part in a similar promotion in the future for sure, but I’m not sure we’d be the ones to “run the show” so to say. Black Forest Games handled that really well, so a big thanks to them and everyone else taking part in the sale!” Tuovinen says, and Anchel Labena agrees:

“We’re always open for partnerships with other studios, whether it is for releasing the next game or having a special event like a sale together. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if we announce a new collaboration in the future,” he says.


The Epic Indie Sale ends today (the 23rd of July), so you can still join the fun, if you hurry.


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