Platform Shooter Gunjitsu Hits Steam Soon

The fast paced multiplayer platform shooter is releasing for Early Access thanks to a collaboration with UK publisher Beatnik.

A group of former students at Copenhagen’s IT University, are working on a little project in their spare time. It’s called Gunjitsu and is a multiplayer platform shooter. Inspired by classics such as Soldat and Liero, but with a big focus on movement and speed, explains one of the game’s programmers, Lasse Knudsen.

“You can expect a really fast paced, skill based and – if I may say so myself – really fun little game. It’s chaotic and does really well in short game sessions with your friends,” he says.


But Gunjitsu is quickly becoming much more than a spare time project. In April of 2014, UK based publisher Beatnik signed on as publisher for Gunjistu. That has given Lasse Knudsen and his colleagues a lot of peace in the development process, he says:

“First of all, it means that we can use all of our energy on the game, rather than all kinds of other stuff. Our arrangement with Beatnik means that we have full control over our project and aren’t pressed for time, which is very important in our situation. We’re making Gunjitsu 100% in our spare time, so to have a publisher that doesn’t ask questions and don’t press us with deadlines has meant that we can continue the development in our own time”

The team behind Gunjitsu met at Copenhagen’s IT University’s games line. On the team’s second semester, the task was to make a game for their ‘Game Development’ class, and when the four designers and two programmers got together, things really took off, Lasse Knudsen explains.

“The idea for the game surfaced pretty quickly within our first brainstorming session. All the other ideas were sort of drowned out by people, who

A comparison of Gunjitsu from 2½ years ago (left) and the new version.

were shouting things like ‘grappling hook!’ and ‘voxels!’. We made a quick prototype from those two base elements, which we really liked and the rest is history. That’s 2½ years ago now.”


Gunjitsu have been tested in a wide array of places, the 2013 of Copenhagen’s Culture Night among others. And so far, people are really liking the game, according to Lasse Knudsen.

“The feedback has been very positive. It’s very cool to sit as an observer and see people laugh out loud when they get one of their friends. Then you know that you’re doing something right.”

The base of the game is currently in place. While there is still a lot of tweaking, testing and bug fixing to come, the game should be available in a playable version soon, Lasse Knudsen says:
“If everything goes according to plan, we should be ready for release on Steam Early Acces within two weeks. We are working very hard to make that happen! Updates on the launch will be available on our Twitter within the coming days.”


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