Swedish Gaming Corps Hires Industry Heavyweight

Swedish developer Gaming Corps have hired Jean-Marc Broyer as their new Vice President of Games.

One of the industry’s big names is moving to Uppsala in Eastern Sweden this August, as Jean-Marc Broyer joins Gaming Corps. Jean-Marc Broyer comes from a position with Amazon’s Game Studio in Seattle and he has previously been working on AAA titles such as FIFA and Batman: Arkham City.

His previous employers include EA, Ubisoft and Warner Bros., and Nicklas Dunham, CEO and co-founder at Gaming Corps looks forward to having someone with his experience in the company:

“Jean-Marc has produced some impressive results, both in terms of games and sales and he has a network of contacts that will surely open new doors for Gaming Corps. That, combined with his experience in game development, makes us very happy to welcome him into our company,” he says in a press release.


The coming vice president is also looking forward to joining Gaming Corps and says that he sees a lot of potential in the Swedish game developers:

“At Gaming Corps, I see a great opportunity to build the next leading game studio and the company’s strategy and connections gives them several ways to do that,” he says.

One of Jean-Marc Broyer’s first tasks will be to help Gaming Corps with the development of AIR, an adventure game based on Christian Cantemessa’s movie. Broyer will join Gaming Corps effectively in August this year.

Bo Nørgaard

Gamer, metalhead and journalist, not always in that order. Bo started gaming when he was eight and has been following the gaming industry since.

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