Wrassling Developer Releases Multiplayer Battle Golf Game

Colin Lane, the Stockholm-based indie developer behind Wrassling, recently announced that his new game, Battle Golf, is set for release on the 13th of August. We had a talk with Colin about the new game.

Battle Golf is a new multiplayer game from the developer behind the succesful Appstore game, Wrassling. As was the case with his previous title, Battle Golf is centered around local multiplayer.

“Recently I’ve been interested in local multiplayer on mobile devices. I tried it with my game Wrassling but all the onscreen controls made for a pretty clunky experience.“, Colin Lane explains.

Dissatisfied with the design, Lane therefore decided to take the idea further in his new game. “I wanted to make a 1 touch local multiplayer, I previously released a Golf game called Golf is Hard, so I decided to make a local 2 player game based around this concept.“, he continues.


Where prior titles had a singleplayer component, Lane decided to focus his efforts on the multiplayer, making the single player an afterthought, so it didn´t distract from the multiplayer experience.

“The main difference between Battle Golf and my previous games is that the main focus is on the 2 player mode. I even considered not including a single player option.”, Lane explains. “In the end I did but it was more of a practice mode than a full game in itself.”.

But basing a game primarily on its multiplayer aspect may not be the best idea. While testing the game, Lane discovered that a lot of test players judged the game entirely based on the hollow single player options.

“However, I´m not sure I would try this again, as some people judged the game based purely on the single player mode.”, Lane says and continues to explain how he included an AI in the most recent update for the game: “I have recently submitted an update to add an AI opponent to try to make the game more interesting to play on your own”.


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While Colin Lane views his game as a successful experiment in developing local multi player games for mobile devices, he is less satisfied with the depth of the game as a long term experience:

“I feel Battle Golf was lacking in depth. My next game will offer more rewards to players who stick with the game for longer. Unlockable characters and achievements.”, Lane explains.

But despite the comment, Lane isn´t completely done with local multiplayer, and he even states that it will be a prevailing theme in his upcoming titles: “I would like to try to make local multiplayer a running theme in my games but it doesn´t fit all designs.”, he says.

“I love designing mechanics and prototypes, I currently have several little projects on the go. I also plan more updates for Battle Golf and Wrassling and we are still working on a gamepad supported desktop version of Wrassling.”, he concludes.


Battle Golf is available on iOS and Android today.

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