50% Off Your Own Booth at Comic Con in Malmö

Nordic Game have their own section at the coming Comic Con in Malmö called Nordic Game Universe. With Nordic Game Bits, you can get 50% off the booth price.


At the 12th and 13th of September, Malmö will host its very own Comic Con for the first time, and the event is quickly turning out to be the biggest event for modern pop culture with 15,000 expected participants this year.

And thanks to a partnership between Nordic Game and Nordic Game Bits, you can get your own booth at the event – and with a handsome discount too!

With a booth at Comic Con, you will be featured alongside a number of other Nordic developers at Nordic Game’s Nordic Game Universe area.


The basic package features a 1,5 square meter area with podium, electricity and a 1,5 square meter backwall that you can decorate to your liking.

The normal price is 699 Euro, but as a Nordic Game Bits reader, you get it for just 349,5 Euro!


You can also buy the Prime Nordic Game Universe package, which features a 6 square meter area with 2 side walls and a 2 square meter decoration area, along with electricity, a table and 2 chairs.

It normally costs 1850 EUR, but as a Nordic Game Bits reader, you get it for just 925 Euro!


Each of the packages include a 24” screen to promote your game and a space on the Nordic Game Universe website. You will also get a spot in the press tour, which is a “Best Games @ NG Universe”-competition, where the participating media outlets will vote for the best of all the exhibited games.


So if you have a game that you want to show to world – or at least a crowd of 15,000 fellow geeks – don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jacob Riis at Nordic Game. His mail is jacob@nordicgame.com.

Bo Nørgaard

Gamer, metalhead and journalist, not always in that order. Bo started gaming when he was eight and has been following the gaming industry since.

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