Everywear Games Gets 2 Million Euro Investment

Finnish indie developer Everywear Games recently received an investment of 2 million Euro, now they are moving forward with plans for a larger team.

EveryWear Games caught the attention of investors with the upcoming title RuneBlade, a fantasy adventure game developed exclusively for the Apple Watch. As is implied by the name, EveryWear has a strong focus on Apples new wrist held platform:

“EveryWear Games is the world’s first smartwatch game studio and our mission is to create best games for this new platform in the years to come. We are really ambitious about smartwatch games and absolutely passionate about these new platforms,” Aki Järvilehto, the CEO of EveryWear explains.

screen390x390While the Apple Watch is still fairly new and unexplored in terms of game development, it’s something that have inspired the investment:

“Together with our investors we can deliver on this vision. We’re investing heavily into Runeblade and other genuinely new games which are 100% tailored for smartwatches.” Järvilehto explains.

The company attracted three major investors with their focus on Apple Watch software:

“This investment round completed our seed round at 2 million euros. We are thrilled to welcome San Francisco based True Ventures to join Lifeline and Sunstone as our investors,” Järvilehto says.

He is excited to tell that the newest addition to the investment team – True Ventures – share EveryWears passion for Apple Watch software:

“True has already seen significant success in wearable sector and we immediately felt a strong sense of shared values with them. So we are delighted to welcome them on board.”


Moving forward EveryWear plans to grow using large parts of the investment money for hiring new talents.

“We are looking for people who have track record with the industry and who want to develop new kind of games for smartwatch platforms. The kind of people who are excited to embrace completely new challenges and want to work on the very cutting edge of new platforms,” Järvilehto says.

Järvilehto continues to explain how the role as a designer or developer differs creatively when developing for a watch over console or phones:

“The difference with smartwatches to mobile is just as big as the leap from consoles to mobile. While there are a number of similarities it still feels like a complete change to your mindset.

The user experience of playing on a smartwatch is vastly different than on phones or consoles, as the screen is smaller and strapped to your wrist. This changes how people  interact with the device, and it means that people might be more inclined to play for shorter durations than they would on phones.

“Delivering fun in 5-15 second sessions is something which has never been done on the scale which were going for,” Järvilehto says.


EveryWear isn´t just planning to hire new developers, they also plan to expand their board of directors with advisors from a varied field of expertise. Most recently, web and Technology writer Om Malik joined the board of directors alongside Petteri Koponen, former chairman of SuperCell and Nikolaj Nyholm, advisor on Minecraft.

Om has an unrivalled perspective to new technologies and an amazing industry network. Not only that, but with investments like Fitbit, True Ventures is one of the first investors to see big wins in wearables.” Järvilehto explains.

He continues to elaborate on the choice of advisors on the board of directors:

“Om Malik joins our board of directors with Petteri Koponen and Nikolaj Nyholm who both have extensive insight into the dynamics of the games industry. We are humbled to have such a great board to support us.”.

Johnny Josefsen

A Level/Game designer who previously worked on the puzzle game: The Reaper and the hellish racing game: Hell Driver. Enthusiastic about everything from games to litterature, music and movies.

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