Nordic Studios at Game Connection

Several nordic studios will be attending the European conference, when Game Connection kicks off by the end of October,

Game Connection is an international event held in Paris, that has existed since 2001. At the event, professionals in the industry meet up to strenghten their networks and to promote their products. There are many reasons why companies choose to attend, some seek investors while others want to discuss game development hoping to find solutions for the challenges they might be facing.

We talked to one of the attending companies: Apex.

“Our goal is to establish a new network of publishers and to nurture our current networks. By attending we get an oppurtunity to meet everyone in person gathered under one roof,” Lars Henriksen, owner of Apex explains.

“We are bringing our VR awarded project “Night Skies 15″ and we are searching for investments and a publisher for it,” he says.

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Game Connection is an event that allows for a lot of opportunities as several developers, publishers and investors are gathered under one collected roof.

“Game Connection has a primary focus on facilitating networks and interests. Meaning that by attending we have access to every participants profile and we can seek information about their reasons for attending and hereby find the right match.” Henriksen tells us.

Game connection is an event that is striving to be efficient in establishing contact between companies.

“When a match is found, the system automatically sets up your meeting schedule, where they proceed to facilitate an effective b2b matchmaking.” Henriksen concludes.


This year, the nordic countries are well represented at Game Connection and 21 companies will be present when the event kicks of by the end of October.

Aside from Apex, companies like Swedish developer: Tarsier Studios Malmö AB, Norwegian developer: Rock Pocket Games, Finnish developers: Kopla Games, Greener Grass, Critical Force Entertainment and Danish developers: Copenhagen Creators and Zaxis Aps and many others will be present at the event. 



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