8 Games Receive Norwegian Film Institute Funding of 6.7 Million NOK

Last week eight Norwegian game projects received funding from the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI). Several times a year, NFI distributes funds to Norwegian movie, TV, and video game projects. A wide variety of games got financial support this time, ranging from cute, innocent, children’s games to horror games and even some more artsy projects.

Here’s the complete list of games that got funds this round:


Draugen is a psychological surviving game with horror elements, set in an isolated fjord village in North Western Norway in 1923. The game’s story is seen through the eyes of an American dilettante, who’s in Norway to look for his sister.

Concept art from Red Thread's Draugen.

Concept art from Red Thread’s Draugen.

The game describes a dark and dramatic travel through the dark side of national romance, inspired by Norwegian nature, fairy tales, Norse mythology and historical events.

Draugen is being developed by Red Thread Games, who’s also behind Dreamfall: Chapters, and recieves 1.300.000 NOK. Draugen has previously recieved a total of 1.850.000 NOK from NFI.

Mitt Barn: Lebensborn:

Mitt Barn: Lebensborn is a serious game that gives insight into the life of a war child – a Lebensborn – in Norway after the Second World War. In this simulation game you have to take care of a Lebensborn. The child needs feeding, caring, playing and protection from the outside world. This will prove to be a both difficult and heartbreaking task. The game bases on real events from the post war era, where many children experienced a feeling of being fair game in their local communities, just because they were carrying the genes of their German soldier fathers.

Screenshot from Teknopilot's Mitt Barn: Lebensborn.

Screenshot from Teknopilot’s Mitt Barn: Lebensborn.

The game is being developed by Teknopilot AS with Sarepta Studio, the studio behind Shadow Puppeteer, as co-producer.

Mitt Barn: Lebensborn receives 1.100.000 NOK for this project, and this is the first time they receive funds from NFI.

DragonBox Treasure:

DragonBox Treasure is the next game in the award winning DragonBox series. This is a resource allocation game, that means to teach children in primary school to use basic math and how to use big numbers through exiting game experiences.

The game continues to build on the Nooms universe from DragonBox Numbers that was recently released on the AppStore. DragonBox Treasure aims at a little older audience.

DragonBox Treasure is being developed by WeWantToKnow, and receives 1.000.000 NOK. This is the first time this project receives funds from NFI.

Gråtass ordner opp:

Real excitement og farm fun with the children’s favorite tractor, Gråtass. In this game you need to help Gråtass and his friends grow food and build the farm, but two baddies are always trying to steal Gråtass and other valuable things. In Gråtass ordner opp, you can move around the farm and the fields, inside the barn, the house, the garage and at the market. This is game full of content for smartphones and tablets, where children from the age of four can build the farm by growing vegetables, building rutabaga catapults, trade stuff at the market, create farmer’s brooms, fix things in the garage and of course scare away the scrap dealers and the Rugmel gnomes.

The developer describes this as a Farmville for children, that gives you more content to play with the more you play.

Gråtass ordner opp is being developed by Ravn Studio, one of the most experienced studios in Norway. They receive 1.000.000 NOK for the first time for this project.


Piramida is a firstperson action horror game set in a closed arctic minetown. The game tells an exciting fictional story from a surreal, but real place. The experience in Piraida is based on intens horror action, surprising dangers surrounding you and the feeling of being all alone in the artic.

You play as a special soldier from the S.W.O.R.D. taskforce. You have been sendt to a closed mine to find the reason it was shut down. The reason will prove to be more horrifying than you would think at first. The game will have a realistik, dark and dirty atmosphere.

Piramida is being developed by The Arcticwho receives 800.000 NOK for this project for the first time.

Screenshot from Process Games' Agents vs Villain.

Screenshot from Process Games’ Agents vs Villain.

Agents vs. Villain:

Agents vs Villain is a multiplayer game where an evil cat travels through time to build his world domination. At the same time a group of secret agents are hunting him. Can they stop him in time, or will we all become the cat’s slaves?

This is a game for three to four players, and it’s under development for consoles. The idea was developed for the Norwegian championship in gameplay, which Agents vs Villain actually won last year.

Agents vs Villain is being developed by Process, and recieves 500.000 NOK for this project for the first time.


Eggg is a classic platform game for mobile devices, but with a significant twist: you can throw up. The main character is a boy who’s allergic to eggs, and need to get through several stages without touching eggs, chickens or mean aunt Doris.

All the mechanics in the game is based upon the character’s ability to throw up, and the vomit has different abilities depending on what you eat. For example you can throw up to make the ground slippery so you’ll slide faster, sticky so you can climp walls, spicy to spit flames, create puddles to swim across and much much more.

Egggg is being developed by Hyper Games, who receives 800.000 NOK for this project for the first time.


Fugl is a different 3D flying game for tablets and smartphones. You control a bird who is lost, and needs to find its way home. Your travels brings you through many exciting and challenging areas that generates randomly, so no playthrough is the same. Learn to exploit the wind to your benefit and watch out for falling rocks, meteorites, lava lumps and dangerous predatory birds. At the same time you must hunt fish and smaller birds to keep your wings flapping.

In this game the path part of the goal, so enjoy the ride, the view and the diverse wildlife during the flight. Soon you’ll realize what it will say to be as free as the bird.

Fugl is being developed by Gjestland Film, who receives 200.000 NOK for this project. Gjestland Film has previously received 185.000 NOK for Fugl.



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