RedLynx Co-Founder Leaves to Found New Startup MotionVolt

15 years ago, Atte Ilvessuo co- founded Redlynx with his brother. After seeing great success with hit series such as Trials, Ilvessuo has now decided to explore new areas of the gaming world.

In the wake of Atte Ilvessuos departure from Redlynx, he announced his new company MotionVolt – a developer with a focus on developing physics-based games for mobile devices.

motionvolt_logo_yellowbg_v5-222x163“I have always been passionate about creating games that utilize the possibilities of physics for deeper playability and realistic animation. It’s hard to put a finger on where my interest originated, but I began writing physics-based game code in the late 1990s, and since then have developed dozens of physics-based games as both a programmer and a producer.” Ilvessuo explains.

“It is just natural for me to continue on this path, utilizing the latest hardware and applying whatever business model feels right for the title.”, he continues.

It was this desire combined with a fondness for entrepreneurship that led to Ilvessuo’s departure. He wanted to move ahead with something new in a smaller scale, despite the fact that he had a great time working at RedLynx.

“Personally I have always been heavily oriented towards entrepreneurship. After Ubisoft acquired RedLynx I spent three years creating games as a Ubisoft studio, I just wanted to jump back into doing my own thing. There is simply no substitute to working with my own vision and goals.”, Ilvessuo explains.


At the moment, the desire to create physics based games is the main reason MotionVolt is entering the mobile market, as Ilvessuo feels that his ideas are best suited for these platforms. But this doesn’t mean that MotionVolt will limit themselves to one platform if future projects are more suited for other platforms.

“When I left RedLynx I had a clear vision of the first games I wanted to make, and those are best designed natively for phones and tablets.”, Ilvessuo explains. He then proceeds to elaborate:

“But overall, I’m platform agnostic. By that I mean if my passion for a game idea leads me to another platform, and I can assemble the right team to make it, I’ll focus on that. Certainly the consoles are amazing, and I’m intrigued by the new Apple TV. Certainly some of our future games may be released on other platforms.”.


MotionVolt_Games_Atte_Ilvessuo2According to Ilvessuo, the biggest challenge when entering the mobile market is visibility, as thousands of apps are released on a daily basis on the AppStore alone.

“The biggest challenge in today’s games landscape, specifically the mobile market, is discovery. There are simply so many games released every week. Costs of user acquisition are skyrocketing and there is a relentless chase of big licenses.”, Ilvessuo explains.

But he is optimistic in face of this challenge, especially due to his years of experience working with mobile releases.

“One thing that helps us face the challenge is that there are lots of concrete things that I have learned from my previous mobile productions. For example, the mobile titles where I was the programmer and producer were downloaded over 20 million times, so I’ve had access to reams of data on player behavior and we did countless of experiments with cross promotion and other features to boost discovery.” Ilvessuo says.

“Ultimately I believe, as I always have, that the cream rises to the top, which means that eventually a fantastic game will be noticed and smart monetization that complements the game will create revenue.”.


While Ilvessuo is planning to start small, he has a desire to expand the company over the years if the initial games are succesful.

“MotionVolt will start with one team mobilized behind my vision, and when it is time, we will scale up to produce multiple games with tested and proven models.”

“Our vision is to produce original IP games with as much with our own design, content and insights as possible, to keep the game development free, independent, and invigorating while producing the kind of games that people really like to play now and in the future.” Ilvessuo concludes.

Johnny Josefsen

A Level/Game designer who previously worked on the puzzle game: The Reaper and the hellish racing game: Hell Driver. Enthusiastic about everything from games to litterature, music and movies.

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