Copenhagen Games Festival Will Take Place in April 2016

Program for Copenhagen Games Festival 2016.

IGDA DenmarkDanish Producers’ Association, and Interactive Denmark, are getting together to create a five day long festival to celebrate videogames. 

The festival is going to be held in Copenhagen between April 6 and 10, and it is called Copenhagen Games Festival.

Several events will take place during those five April days. Spilprisen, Nordic Game Jam, Workshops, and talks will fill the festival from Wednesday and Sunday. In addition to all this, one of the days will be dedicated to an international business conference, made especially for this festival.

The organisers describe their own event like this in a press release: “190 Danish Game companies, 735 full time designers, programmers and innovative talents and a turnover increase of 196 % in the last six years! This is reason enough to put the Danish Game Industry on the national and international map, both geographically, politically and in business terms”

Anchel LabenChairman of IGDA Denmark and Lead Organizer of Nordic Game Jam, Anchel Labenaa

Chairman of IGDA Denmark and Lead Organizer of Nordic Game Jam, Anchel Labena


The organisers are confident that more than 1000 people will visit the festival during the five days. Especially because the Spilprisen award show in itself gathered more than 300 people in 2015, and Nordic Game Jam brings more than 700 people to the floor.

“With really successful events such as Nordic Game Jam and Spilprisen, there’s no doubt that Denmark has a pretty strong game development community. It simply made a lot of sense to combine the efforts of all the different organizations and events in Copenhagen to maximize our impact in the entire Nordic region. We hope that Copenhagen Games Festival will gather all this excitement for a week full of new game ideas, networking opportunities and self-discovery within the industry”, says chairman of IGDA Denmark and lead organizer of Nordic Game Jam, Anchel Labena.

COO for The Producers Association in Denmark, Jan Neiiendam.

COO for The Producers Association in Denmark, Jan Neiiendam.

“It’s about time that the magic and magnitude of games is celebrated with a Danish festival of its own. The Producers Association is very proud to be hosing Spilprisen 2016, and making the event part of Copenhagen Games Festival is a fantastic opportunity for us. This 3rd edition of the award show pays tribute to the creativity and the professionalism of the Danish Game developers and the Danish Games Industry that is now officially a billion business in terms of turnover”, says Chief Operating Officer for The Danish Producers Association, Jan Neiiendam.

The organizers are currently looking for more partners and sponsors to make the festival happen.


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