5 Quick Reasons to Attend Games Business 2015

After three fantastic years in existence, and several hundred attendees, Denmark’s largest games industry conference, Games Business 2015, is back on Dec. 7th. And here’s 5 reasons why you should join us.


1. The Best Speakers

The biggest names from the Danish and Nordic games industry will be speaking at Games Business 2015, sharing their experience and insights. You can expect to meet experts with knowledge from Square Enix, King, Betadwarf, 3D Realms, and many more!

2. Fantastic Advice

Through four business insight stories, we deal with issues and challenges ranging from acquiring funding and entering emerging markets, to handling acquisitions and walking the fine line between making games to make money or making money to make games.

3. Be inspired

What will the future of doing business in the games industry look like? That’s what our expert panel discusses during an inspiring “Visions of the Future” debate focusing on topics ranging from the viability of new technologies such as VR and microconsoles, to the business models of the future and whether or not the “indiepocalypse” is a real thing? Be inspired, and let the discussion continue during the networking session.

4. Top Class Networking

Network like never before and enjoy an evening together with the Danish games industry. Oh, and let’s not forget the beer, hotdogs, and plenty of fantastic multiplayer games to set the mood!

5. A Free GameAnalytics Business Insights Report

To better prepare all Games Business 2015 attendees for the future, GameAnalytics have therefore dived into their data and prepared an insightful business report, which will be distributed to all conference attendees. The report dives into “Localization and Monetization in the Nordic Countries”.


Games Business 2015 takes place on December 7th in Aalborg, Denmark. Tickets can be bought until December 2nd, so be sure to reserve yours today!


Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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